7 Traditional Exterior Window Trim Ideas

A window is a portal to the outside – letting in light while painting a striking, living image of the world beyond our four walls; offering transparent protection from the elements. But from the outside, a window can provide the elusive gilding on the lily – just like an eye can be enhanced with a straightforward application of shape-supplementing eye-liner, a window framed with an attractive trim can bring elegance, sophistication, and grandeur to the most basic of buildings.

We’ve explored the web for the best examples of exterior window trim ideas that add magnificence to buildings that otherwise might struggle for third place in a beauty pageant.

Town House Transcendence
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This smart city townhouse has gone for the goth look in a striking balance between brick and blue-black. This three-storey home has been elevated from drab to distinguished with an application of striking black, to be directly compared with the greying, decomposing white of the neighboring residence. These elegant Edwardian windows boast a welcoming curve around the lintel in the upstairs two-over-twos, while the elaborate, theatrically-framed arch of the downstairs living space brings magnificence that draws the eye from the road in envious peek. The steps leading to the graceful entrance are paired in black, while the paneled door and transom window holds the sophisticated distinction of confidence residing beyond the threshold. The well-kept garden provides a sudden contrast of green against the dreamy black – the beautifully sculpted box plants offering playful cover for the frontage. Grand, magnificent, startling.

The Ultra-Modern
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If we’ve learned anything from modern architecture, it’s that simple lines are often the most effective. And this example is striking, chamfered, and bold. The trim frames these sliding doors histrionically, although the proximity of the boundary wall and surrounding buildings diminish the dramatic impact rather disappointingly, making a public display of the home’s innards. The chamfered edge of this black steel trim has a lustrous matte sheen that soaks in reflection like anti-matter, framing this picture window and decked walkway elegantly and with a permanence that feels well-considered. The velvety texture of the metal frame presents an alluring contrast to the dissonant, rasping surface of the surrounding brickwork. The reflective sliding doors add some elemental water to this curation of metals, brick, and wood, balancing the tableau in a constructive recipe that just needs sunlight to complete the composition. Although this fabulous window trim is a wonderful design feature, it feels a little lost to the tight boundary and the buildings that surround it.

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This Victorian two-up-two-down has plenty of aesthetic features to lift its curb-appeal, so the simple approach to framing the windows is in smart keeping with the home’s design. The bay window houses wonderful, period sash windows that maintain the Victoriana of this simple structure, while the uniformly-rendered window surrounds, with ever-so-gently curving lintels add subtle sophistication to this modest terraced home. The transom window above the charcoal, paneled entry door adds some majesty to this humble home, while the Temperate Taupe of the render introduces a soft, welcoming tone that highlights the white framing of the windows with a subtle sophistication that creates a feature of these understated window trims. The six-over-two sash windows are a beautiful period characteristic of this era of architecture, so it’s good to see that this design has maintained the intended modesty of the building, against a subtle, tasteful render that elevates the outside of this lovely, period home. Subtle.

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This townhouse is spectacular in white, lipped with window boxes that exalt this splendid exterior to the realms of true magnificence. Who could fail to be impressed by this fine example of Edwardian architecture whose white trimming contrasts so beautifully with the equally impressive black painted features of the two buildings that envelop it in terrace? The grand upper lintel of each window adds balance and symmetry to the bricked exterior, while the six-over-six sash windows provide plenty of period charm. The trailing plants add a living adornment to this beautifully presented home, pairing itself with the grand, established Silver Birch, and the greenery flooding its rectangle of exposed earth. The grand entrance, painted in clean, crisp white dazzles against the stoic black of the door, instantly adding a little dignified gravitas to a handsome property. Grand.

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This bay window is made all the more eye-catching due to the elaborate floral sculptures that encircle the square pillar of the exterior frame. The beautifully maintained white of this impressive, substantial trim frames a one-over-one sash window that remains in keeping with this period, city home. The more you look at this remarkable surround, the more detail you notice, from the theatrical trimming around the upper lip of the outer frame to the Craftsman’s squared, stepped taper from the base of the frame’s pillar. Odd numbers are always good in exterior design, especially when relating to plants, so the three bay tree configuration adds balance and majesty to this grand frontage. The lavender that surrounds each bay tree suggests fertility and fragrance to be found beyond this strong, elegant exterior. Wonderful.

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Sometimes pristine can appear too clinical and precise – when you really want to project character and wisdom. This beautifully ornate Parisien window is as rustic as it is spectacular, and its peeling turquoise paint reveals the guts of the sculpture in a way that’s both charming and chicly nonchalant. The unusual mini-portal window is another unexpected surprise within this spectacularly decrepit window frame. With a window this magnificent, you’re likely to admire the framing and the trim rather than gaze through the glass, so the grotty, patterned net curtains are probably a caution too far. However, the elaborate theatricality of the moldings are evident in every inch of this magnificent trim; so much so that it bears extended admiration. The cat lazily lounging on the lower lip is a temporary feature that gives this aging frame a homeliness that invites you toward it. The trim has been quite clearly left to rack and ruin as a feature against the well-maintained stained wood cladding of the surrounding walls. Sophisticated and striking.

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The stylish, neat blackened exterior of this wooden cladding is instantly smart and eye-catching – a perfect collation of parallel lines that enhances the geometric perfection of the building. The simple Craftsman’s window frames are all the more impressive because they stand out so magnificently from the pristine black. The simplicity of the flat over-lipped framing of the window exterior is enhanced by a thin fillet that augments the parallelism of the cladding, while adding some subtle grandeur to this rather spectacular exterior. The one-over one window adds an interesting textural simplicity against the ten-paneled entry door. Striking.

So, there you have it – exterior window trim ideas that elevate the front of a building to the heights of magnificence. We love how color is used to enhance the sense of occasion to each of these rather marvelous buildings. What do you think? Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.Click here to change this text