8 Genius Lego Storage Ideas

For anyone who’s ever accidentally trodden on a piece of Lego, we share your pain. Those tiny little bricks might be a great way to inspire creativity in our kiddies, but they can be sheer agony under-foot.

Kids adore Lego – it gives them a fantastic, creative outlet to explore their crafty ways. Keeping fingers nimble and eyes sharp, it can be endless fun for the determined soon-to-be architect.

But let’s face it – Lego is EXPENSIVE! And with their seemingly endless supply of new packs, there’s a massive amount of it. Just losing a single piece can totally ruin a model, so having an appropriate storage solution for those hundreds and thousands is an absolute essential.

And Lego isn’t just for kids. Lots of adults love hogging those bricks as much as their children or nieces and nephews. So, we’ve found some great fun Lego storage ideas that will keep your feet safe, and the play flowing.

Celebrity Squares

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Those cute little characters are often such an essential part of play, that when they go missing, it can cause genuine distress. This display idea is straightforward, and an excellent way for your kids to show off their collection. Super-glue is definitely your friend with a project like this, so keep a tube handy to patch up any bricks that don’t remain in situ! Simply adhere a 6-stud Lego brick (or a 2×3 brick to use the correct vernacular) in regular intervals across a board, or even across the back of a door. Firm adhesion is essential, as children are rarely known for their lightness of touch! Creating a little platform for each character to stand, you have your own Celebrity Squares board of your favorite Lego pieces. Simple and funky.

Cable Heroes

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This is a super-fun idea – creating a desk tidy for all of those cables that drape across your desk and end up in a huge mass of tangles. We love the brilliant expression on the face of the iPhone Cable Guy – he seems particularly determined to fulfill his role with absolute prowess, doesn’t he? You can have great fun with this simple idea because the preset hand position is literally custom-made for USB charger cables. The upper image makes use of the stud-holes on the back of the figure’s legs to seemingly hover in mid-air (although, of course, they’re just attached to a plate that’s been glued to the top of an in-tray). Fun.

The Wall Of Lego

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This might get messy; but what better way to store your child’s Lego pieces than in plain view. Base plates have been attached directly to the wall, here, creating a perfect position to create interesting wall art, while keeping those essential pieces to hand. This is an excellent idea if bedroom walls require re-decorating – just cover them over. And who knows what kind of horizontal murals may evolve from defying gravity and playing with Lego pieces on the wall? Clever.

The Display Cabinet

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The thing about Lego creations is their impermanence. Each brick, each plate, each baseboard has an almost unlimited life with almost infinite combinations. But sometimes your child might want to cherish their creations; keeping them intact can be a way of recognizing a child’s cognitive progression. So, this display cabinet idea is a brilliant way of keeping the bulk of the bricks at bay, and showing off the increasing complexity of the results of your child’s creative prowess. These glass-shelved cabinets are lit from the inside with LEDs, so this could also make a useful night-light for kids who aren’t entirely comfortable with the dark yet. These display cabinets are widely available – Ikea probably has the most affordable options. Smart.

The Key Fob

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This is a really brilliant idea for anyone who continually loses their keys. These 4-stud Technics bricks have three stud-holes sunk into the sides, making them an excellent holder for a  color-coded keyfob system. The KEYS! monicker is playfully created with flat plate pieces, while the larger, grey plate is attached to the wall with glue. The color-coded key fob connects directly to the plate, providing quick access to your various sets of keys at a glance. Inspired.

The DIY Lego Tray

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These Lego trays are home-customized lap trays – usually intended for eating your lunch at the TV – but are adapted to keep all of your child’s Lego pieces in one place during play. The colorful paint makes this brilliant idea fun and lively while helping your kids differentiate between their sibling’s play trays. The side panel allows your kids to store unused pieces so that the full set is at hand, preventing them from rolling off the plate and underneath the sofa! Simple and effective!

Storage Boxes

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These plastic storage trays are a great idea for the super-organized child who wants to keep all of their pieces in separate compartments. When there are thousands of pieces to choose from, there’s no other way to keep track of those individual parts, is there? There are a number of configurations involving these widely-available plastic storage boxes: the semi-transparent frontage makes finding those essential bricks that little bit easier. The storage unit is widely available – Ikea has a great selection of these open-fronted shelving solutions. Practical.

The Repurposed Toolbox

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Kids love to be like mom or dad, so this repurposed toolbox idea is great for the kid who is likely to follow in the organized footsteps of a particularly keen craftsperson parent. This kid looks quite thrilled to own such a grown-up storage box, so I bet your bottom dollar that he’s going to keep everything in the right place from now on. Borrowing from the Celebrity Squares idea featured earlier in this article, every part has its place, including a display for your kid’s favorite character figures. Inspiring.

If your kid loves their Lego (and let’s face it, most of them do!), then effective storage is an absolute necessity. We love how the majority of these storage ideas embrace the same DIY aesthetic that inspires our kids to play with these bricks that create new things. With a splash of color and some sensible storage boxes, your kid will be playing with their Lego for years to come. What are your thoughts? Share this article with your friends on your social network and get the conversation started.

Happy playtime!