11 Fantastic Book Storage Ideas

Would you like some place to store your books, but don’t know how to make conventional bookcase design work well with your home and the interior design already in place? We have compiled a list of some of the best book storage ideas that work well for a variety of homes. We think at least one of them should tickle your fancy and get those gears turning for what you want to put tin your house next.

Bed Nook

via Stacey McCoy

This is an incredibly efficient use of space, using the inset wall near the window to put both the bed and the bookshelf. You can do this with all sorts of other bedroom components, but this is probably the simplest way to go and the most practical.

Stairway Shelving

via The Debrief UK

No one uses that space around the staircase, so turning it into a bookshelf is a brilliant idea. It may be difficult to reach some of the farther ones, but you don’t have to extend the shelving that far, if you don’t want to. Just create as much space as is necessary for your books.

Hall Bookcase

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Once again, stair space that’s not being used is turned into a bookcase. Here, it is the upper railing and part of a hallway, and it takes traditionally wasted space and turns it into an attractive and out-of-the-way bookcase.

Part of the Decoration

via ideastand.com

Bookcases don’t have to be unsightly affairs with books sticking out from all ends. This shows how you can make them not only organized, but also a part of the décor and completely nonintrusive. Doubling the top as a shelf for odds and ends also means you are using space effectively.

Skinny Storage

via BookBub

This narrow hallway may not seem like it has enough space for a bookshelf or two, but when you turn the books facing forward, you can make an attractive passageway out of a conventional crammed some. The books don’t really take up much room this way, and they look more appealing.

Endless Stack

via manmadediy.com

It might be difficult to get that one book out that you want to read, but this is a very efficient storage method. It can look attractive as well, if most of your books are about the same height. Laid like this, they take up very little room and can provide some unconventional décor for your home.

Bed End Bookcase

via BuzzBuzzHome

Once again, you’re taking a space that isn’t often used and turning it into a little book nook. This is convenient it for people who like to read before they go to bed, and the natural wood shelving fits in nicely with the rest of the décor.

Tree of Books

via bestdiyandcraft.com

We haven’t seen another bookcase quite like this one. If you have the room and don’t mind to make the bookcase a focal point for your home, then this can be a very imaginative way to go. It takes some extra work, but as you can see, the end result is well worth it.

Tiered Shelving

via Ekaterina Kokareva

You may not be able to place an entire bookcase on one wall in the room, and this split shelving is a great way to break up the flow a bit, fit in some other decorations and provide an unconventional bookcase for your home.

The Nook Case

via The Womens Room

This is another inventive way to use a nook area with a bed and bookcase. There’s more books and shelving crammed into this small space than in the other nook we looked at, but it is also more convenient to pick out a book to read while lying on the bed. Whatever your preference is, you can make good use of nook space.

Fireplace Storage

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If you don’t use your fireplace anymore, but you want to be efficient with your available space, then this unconventional book storage may be the way to go. You can put shelving in there if you wish and make it as organized as you like.

Did you see some ideas that look like they might work for your home? Do some of these seem like great ways to save space? Let us know which ones you liked down in the comment section, and feel free to pass on this list to your friends on social media. We think these ideas are too good to keep to yourself.