10 Creative CD Storage Ideas

If you’re one of life’s dedicated music fans, then you’re probably rather reluctant to join the streaming generation. If you’re a member of Generation X, you grew up with vinyl and CDs; but you likely embraced the CD as your favored playback medium – even if you’ve now gone back to black.

There’s nothing more convenient than streaming, but sometimes it’s just more satisfying to slip disc into slot and get the best possible sound quality from your beloved CD collection.

But when you have thousands of CDs and vinyl records, organization is key.

We’ve sought out the best and most original CD storage ideas to give you a little houspiration that will keep your home tidy, and your ears forever joyful.

The Space Saver

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For anyone that’s ever watched a horror movie,  the void underneath the bed is the sole domain of evil monsters and serial killers. So, fill that space with your beloved music and DVD collection and force the ghouls to try the closet instead. The beautiful parquet flooring provides the perfect plane for gliding casters, creating easy access to this super-sized under-bed drawer. This double-bed-sized storage solution is ample for colossal CD collections – if your CDs are categorized and sorted into alphabetical order, then you’ll never have any problem finding the right tune to match the appropriate mood. The bed is embedded into a stylish arch-way with plenty of additional wall storage for DVDs, books, and even more CDs, presenting a tableau of entertainment, appreciation, and relaxation. Practical.

The Pallet

pallet shelf
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We love pallets, here at Houspire. There are literally hundreds of applications for these cheap constructions, and this is certainly one of our favorites. The crude wood creates a cool color palette (pun intended) for an indoor space by celebrating the rough and ready ornamental elegance of rustic textures. Because pallets are constructed from cheap, unfinished, durable wood, you can often pick them up from your local hardware store for next to nothing. This pallet storage idea has been indulged with a coating of matte varnish and a little sanding down to present a more uniform finish which enhances the beauty of the modest wood. This workhorse pallet has been hung on the wall, creating a surprising storage space for entertainment collections. The bottom pallet has been cut in half and works as a cool continuation of the theme. Inspired.

The Slider

cd storage
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These smoked glass panels have the feel of classic Japanese shōji, with the zen-like calm that those simple partitions produce. The wall-length pull-out drawers provide as much storage as you’re ever going to need, with a capacity not dissimilar to Mary Poppins’ magical carpet bag, reaching into the depths of the wall. If you keep your CDs in logical order, finding your favorite album is going to be a snip with this wide expanse of double-sided storage. The dark-wood finish is smart and stylish, while the minimalist handles are functional and subtle enough to blend in. The laminate flooring adds an additional tone of wood to this fabulous modern space with square downlights to illuminate your search for that perfect tune. Smart.

Behind The Door

door cd storage
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This door-length storage idea is decidedly clever, incorporating reclaimed furniture, distressed chic, and the fun illusion of the secret passage. There’s plenty of room for your entire CD collection in here, and when you want to tidy them away, you just shut the door, and they’re gone. This could be a great DIY project – just a wooden box, with a hinge, and some shelves that attach to the wall. Equally effective for storing books and DVDs, this is an ingenious use of old timber. The distress of the door paneling tells a thousand stories, and the ornate door handle reinforces the sense that this door could be a portal to another world. Quirky.

Bricks And Mortar

Bricks And Mortar

If you’re not afraid of rough finishes in your living room, this brick-built shelving unit could add some real character to your space, while providing plenty of storage for CDs, DVDs, books, and magazines. This is a relatively permanent solution, but there’s something quite fun about the innocuously rough texture of brick against a wall that’s been plastered for perfection. The simple design is symmetrical and balanced, presenting a clever contrast in a room full of curves and rounded edges. The shelving is unfinished and unvarnished to unify the theme of rough against smooth. Striking.

The Depths

House in Yakumo
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dog cd storage

This multi-layered storage solution is custom-built for the music enthusiast. Vinyl has made a massive come-back (just in time for ABBA, it seems!) so this is the purist’s choice; with ample storage for vinyl records, and an additional, swing-out shelving unit for CDs. What’s particularly impressive about this method of layered storage is the comprehensive use of space – making every inch count. Figure 2 shows a similar concept, contained in a more traditional stand-alone wardrobe style solution, but with plenty of movable units that, again, maximize every inch of storage capacity. Ingenious.


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design by Pascal Bauer

We love these three-dimensional constructions that elevate the simplicity of the CD case and transform them into something aesthetically striking. Using gravity to hold each slightly slanting CD case in place, in conjunction with an unusual circular rack, this CD holder could quite easily pass as a piece of art. The light beech of the square surrounding is pleasing to the eye and an easy color to integrate into any room. Figure 2 uses curves in a more subtle, linear structure, but maintains the gravitational slant that holds each CD firmly in position, while Figure 3 is a fascinating pie-chart of three-dimensional storage. Figure 4 is a beautiful orb, gently protruding from the surface of the wall, providing ample storage real-estate for a beloved music collection. The fascinating geometry of these art-inspired storage ideas creates a real point of interest for any modern room. Inspiring.

The Industrial

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This trolley idea offers a funky, nostalgic approach to storing a CD collection, complete with post-modern referential logos and aged crates. This portable frame sits on industrial casters that make this a perfect on-the-go solution for the roving DJ, or for anyone who favors the less pristine look. Certainly, post-industrial is a popular, aspirational look for retro lovers, while the stark, bare metal of the framing shows the distressed blemishes of time and a life of servitude. For the warehouse apartment with exposed brickwork and aging ceiling rafters, this industrial celebration of brand and distressed chic would complement the rugged aesthetic, while introducing some real personality. Figure 2 is a fixed alternative, without the casters, but using converted crates as drawers. (Other colas are available!) Stylish.

Framed Up

For some, CDs lack the aesthetic beauty and tactile involvement of vinyl records, but this frame idea turns each of your CDs into a genuine work of art. The elaborate, gilded carvings that surround this basic shelving idea is more familiar to galleries framing old masters, but this rather interesting post-modern variation-on-a-theme is a great idea – translating one art form into another. There’s enough space for almost three hundred CDs here, so it’s a great way of keeping an entire collection in one place. Alternatively, make individual statements of art by arranging your CDs alphabetically in the 24 slots, and arranging your CDs horizontally; and others vertically; with a few on the diagonal –  creating a geometric texture of collective sameness. Beautiful.


This simple oblong becomes something of beauty, by merely juxtaposing horizontals and verticals in adjacent spaces. Enough for 126 CDs, this beautiful dark ash construction requires no external cover, but rather uses mathematical perfection to make single lines into a textural aesthetic that celebrates the most basic of shapes. The candles atop this unit reinforce the zen-like calm against a neutral creamy expanse of matte paint. Black echoes through the framing of the Japanese-inspired floor light – this direct contrast of light and dark presenting a strong design aesthetic for the rest of the room. Marvellous.

Sometimes, beauty can be found in simplicity – and when you consider the basic shape of the CD case label panel, it’s a surprise that so much interest can be gleaned. We love how right angles are juxtaposed with annulated edges, and how something that could be hidden out of view is displayed in all its glory. We hope you’re inspired. Share this article with your friends and get the conversation started.