Storage Ideas for Under the Stairs

If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your house, then you may want to think about utilizing your staircase for that purpose. Staircases create a lot of space that is usually wasted, and with a little ingenuity you can turn that space into a great little storage area.

Drawers in the Stairs

The under stair storage idea we love best is incorporating drawers into the stairs. These pull out from the side of the staircase and can go as high up the staircase as you like. It may not be very functional or practical to have the drawers open higher than your head, so you can always turn that upper space into shelving that can be reached with a ladder.

Obviously, this is all going to have to be custom work, but it can be worth the cost to have the extra space when that’s a precious commodity.

Closet Space

You can skip the drawers and create a closet area under the stairs as well. You’ll get the most functionality out of a few small closets instead of trying to go with a large one. No one even has to know they are there, since you can make the doors the same color and texture as the staircase. Using magnets instead of door handles is a great way to hide your closet space until you are ready to use it.

Hidden Bathroom

If your staircase is large enough, you can hide a bathroom under it. It would be a small one, obviously, without a shower or bath, but it can still be functional and comfortable. You can also add in a bathroom closet into the lower part of the staircase. That gives you extra storage in just the right place and turns unused space into a useful little room. This is going to be one of the more work-intensive uses of your staircase space, but it can be well worth it if you have a lot of people in your house and not enough bathrooms to go around.

Triangular Bookcase

The shape of the staircase is actually perfect for storing books. You can create a triangular bookcase that makes full use of all your extra space under the stairs. You can make the shelves as small or as large as they need to be to accommodate your books. If you don’t have enough books to fill up the entire space, you can always turn some portion of the staircase into just a plain storage area.

Bike Rack

If there are cyclists in your household, then that space under the stairs can be turned into a space-saving bike rack. You can hang the bikes on the underside of the stairs and make shelves for all the biking gear in the same space. It’s a great way to keep bulky bikes out of the way and protected without them becoming a bother.