Small Home Office Design Ideas

When it comes to a home office, most people assume that you need a spare bedroom or a large space so as to create a good office – although the idea is a great one if you can afford the space.

Great working areas can be created even with limited spaces, from areas that most people would usually ignore, for example, spare corners and bare wall. Below is a look at some of the best small home office design ideas you can use when space is limited:

Attic Office

The attic is one of the best places in the house to set up a home office if space is limited. The space between low walls and the ceiling is a perfect spot for setting up a built-in desk that you can use as a working area. If you want to make your office more efficient, consider installing openable skylights that can also function as windows.

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Outdoor Home Office

Unoccupied space inside the house is the default option for setting up a home office. However, this does not mean that you cannot set up an office in outdoor spaces.

For example, a shed in your backyard can easily be transformed into a home office using the right equipment – a desk or a table, a chair, shelves and lights. Being detached from the house, such offices create a quiet working areas where you can steal yourself away from the hustles of your daily life.

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Corner Working Space

Do you have an unoccupied corner in your house? How about transforming it into an office. The good thing with corner working space is that it can be transformed into a great working area regardless of the location, be it the bedroom, living room, kitchen or dining room. Simply install a table, chair and accessories such as lights and you have yourself a great working area you can retreat to.

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Bedroom Office

Gone are the days when the bedroom was used exclusively for sleeping. If you find yourself short on office space, you can transform your bedroom into an efficient working space by installing a desk, chair and floating shelves. Just try keeping the office and sleeping area separate from one another by setting the working space away from the bed.

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Garage Office

You won’t mind getting work done with a home office like one of these.

Garages are one of the best small home office design ideas, especially when they are not completely occupied. Consider transforming a part of your garage into a working area by installing a desk, chair and other office accessories such as lights and shelves. The detached nature of the garage creates a very serene working area that you can use a getaway from your busy schedule.