Nursery and Guest Room Combo Ideas

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of separating all bedrooms into separate rooms. You may not need a lot of room for your nursery and so you can combine it with a guest room. And the two parts don’t have to look all that dissimilar. Here are a few ways to make this unique combination work.

Saving Space

One of the big issues when you combine two rooms together is that there just isn’t enough space for everything. But keep in mind that not everything has to go in the room that it is designed for. For example, guest closets can be placed out in the hallway, and some of the baby’s things can be kept in your own bedroom.

You can also save space within the guestroom/nursery. Look for ways to hide away or store away items that you won’t need to use all the time. Many baby items can be stored neatly under the crib or bassinet. And many guest items can be stored under the guest bed.

And if space is a real priority, consider going for smaller furniture. The guest bed does not have to be queen-sized, and the baby’s crib can be on the small side as well, since by the time most babies get very big they won’t need a crib any longer anyway.

Also look into storing items in concealed or recessed shelves and drawers. You can put this into the walls, into the base of desks or beds and other places that have room to create more storage space.

Privacy and Separation

Maybe your problem is more about giving everyone their space and privacy and not about how much room you have. One way to remedy that is to essentially cordon off the guest room from the nursery. You can set up a partitioning curtain between the two parts of the room that can be closed or opened at any time. This gives adults the privacy they need and lets the baby feel more comfortable when strangers are nearby.

And the partition needs to be moveable so that it is not always blocking the two parts of the room form seeing one another. If you have family staying the guest room, the baby will likely want to see them nearby, so being able to open up the partition will make things more pleasant for your child.

Common Themes

It can be difficult to make a room that is meant for both adults and kids look unified. But don’t think about making the patterns or the styles match so much as the colours.

You can use baby blue or pink on the nursery side and then puts slight dashes of those colours on the guest room side. You don’t have to make one side overly adult or overly baby-focused either. But spreading around similar colours ties everything together and makes the room less divided when you look at it as a whole.

Some colourful and tasteful prints can be a great way to appeal to both babies and adults. Some simple floral patterns and natural designs don’t necessarily have to be geared to one age group. If you try not to appeal too much to one side or the other you will end up with a great-looking room that doesn’t feel unwelcoming for anyone.