6 Beautiful Girls Nursery Ideas

The past couple of decades have seen the baby girl’s nursery transform into a commercialized cell of princess-themed gauche, overwhelmed with shocking pink and glitter with precious-little restraint or sensitivity to the child’s need for calming, supportive, stimulating color and design.

We’ve found an excellent selection of modern nursery spaces that evoke calm, while promoting regular sleep with a sensitive level of stimulating design, and a less gender-typical color palette.

If you’re looking forward to welcoming your newborn to the world, consider how you could create a calming sanctuary for your child to rest, develop, and learn about the world around them. We have some stylish girl nursery ideas that will inspire those who wish to sway from the glitterati and the gender-specific color wheel.

The Tranquility of Lights

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This nursery has been bedecked in muted tones that promote restfulness, with the temporary stimulation of projected light. The starfield presents your child with a serene patterned spread of nature’s wonders while protecting her from over-stimulation that is likely to result in interrupted sleep. Any new parent knows that if there’s a way of helping baby rest and slumber throughout the night, it’s certainly worth the investment. These lights can be set to stationary or to a placid, reassuring waver, ensuring that when your child does wake in the night, they’ll experience the calm of heavenly galaxies to keep them stimulated and at rest. Wonderful.

Gender-Neutral Design

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Long gone are the days of pink and glitter as the mainstay of the girl’s nursery. Yellow is a bright, cheerful color, associated (in terms of color psychology) with happiness, laughter, optimism, and sunshiney warmth; so there’s unlikely to be a better color to introduce to your daughter’s first experience of sleep and play. Grey is a particularly fashionable color at the moment in interior design circles, chosen for its regal strength and its ability to accompany and complement strong color. The yellow, here, is expressed through a variety of textures, from the clown-like pom poms that hover above the cot, to the ruffled cushion on the nursing seat, the lampshade with cloud motif, the fluffy rug, and the polka-dot mattress. Grey could be a little dull for a child’s room, but yellow certainly brightens the space, bereft of old-fashioned gender stereotyping. Lovely.

Muted pink

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Where pink is a necessity, this muted, whisper of blush is a satisfyingly subtle hue to lift the ivory of the walls and the furniture. The walls are a muted tone of the merest suggestion of rose white, while the majestic screening that drapes from the ceiling to surround the back of the cot is an attractive, comforting, womb-like envelopment of calming white chiffon. Everything about this nursery says calm and serenity, which is exactly what you want when a new child enters the world. There’s nothing to over-stimulate and everything to bring a serene atmosphere, designed to heighten the precious first years of your daughter’s life. The rose-pink curtains and the softest hue of flush in the baby blanket enter this wonderfully tranquil nursery with style and restraint. The chandelier adds a little decadence, while the rocking chair for nursing is designed for restful feeds. Superb.

Blossoms and Blooms

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This lovely nursery space is a celebration of nature at its most magnificent with these huge over-sized blooms adding the (almost obligatory) pink, while letting the rest of the space breathe with the clean serenity of whites and muted sand-tones. The plank wallpaper brings the balance of natural materials, while the wall art accentuates the muted blush of the rose mural. The soft, woolen rug provides a safe place for baby to explore. Lighting is used in quietly stimulating bursts, preventing the overwhelming nature of excess that often comes from over-enthusiastic decorating. This nursery feels safe, calm, and a wonderful celebration of nature’s most beautiful products. Serene.

The Den

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This teepee den is an envelope of soft, comforting materials, sheer fabrics that don’t enclose, and gentle greys and pinks that feel subtle and safe. The rug has textural interest that will fascinate eyes and hands and feet, with a secure cushioning when balance becomes a challenge. The cushions atop the padded shelving contribute cooling color while providing a comfortable space for visitors to sing baby to sleep in peaceful surroundings that feel as stylish as they feel reassuring. Stunning.

Murals of Nature

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This dusky tableau of mountainous mystery is a marvelous way of introducing design interest that will calm and stimulate in equal measure. The cot is resplendent in natural wood tones, while the chevron flooring firmly grounds this space in nature, enhanced by the tonal palette of twilight shades, graduating through soft yellows through to calming maroons. This airy space may be sparse, but with a view that celebrates the transition from day into evening so beautifully, there’s very little else required. The wall art is achieved with peel and stick mountain trees against mountainous wallpaper. Simple, inspiring, and fantastic.

Childhood is a time of innocence and serenity (if we’re lucky), so if you’re looking for a suitable design to introduce your daughter to the planet, then consider the hushed tones of muted colors rather than the over-stimulating glare of shocking pink and glitter. We love how these stylish nurseries use subtle tones of white to introduce a rosey subtlety, while soft furnishings make baby’s first experience of the world, safe and reassuring. What do you think? Share this article with your friends and start up the conversation.