Tips for Keeping Your Living Room Tidy

Your living room is probably where you spend most of your time, so it’s easy for it to become a mess during those times when you don’t feel like doing much housework. It’s especially tricky to keep clean if your front door opens right into it. Here are a few tips to help keep your living room more organized so you don’t have an eyesore greeting you every time you enter the room.

Change up the Entry Space

The inclination when entering the living room from the front door is to go straight for the couch or comfy chair, many times. You want to relax after being out and about working or shopping, and you may just toss your shoes, keys, coat and other items everywhere. This quickly creates clutter, and you need to have something between the door and the seats in order to break that cycle.

You can put up a small dividing wall between the door and the couch or add in some shelves or book cases. This gives you places to put things and makes you less likely to go straight for the couch. You can also create a storage space right next to the doorway. This will give you the perfect location to put your belongings when you come in and not have the room look so untidy.

Add Storage Where You Can

You can put some storage features into your living room without hurting its appearance or making it look cluttered. Your end tables can have drawers placed into them, as can your coffee table. Any seat can double as storage space by creating a drawer in the base of the seat. You can add strategic shelving or a few book cases to give you more storage space. What you are aiming to do is have a place to put everything that could clutter up your living room. Look at what you usually leave laying around the room and see if you can create a storage space for it.

Toy Bins

If you have small kids in your house, then chances are that the living room is always cluttered with toys. It may not be practical to have your kids take their toys back to their rooms every time they are done playing with them. That can seem like a lot of work to little kids, and they may not be inclined to do what they are told if that’s the case. They are more likely to respond well when you tell them to clean up their toys if they have a bin to place them in nearby.

You can establish a toy bin in the living room and just place it off to the side so it doesn’t break up your space or look untidy. Keeping it covered when not in use can make your living room look tidy and give your kids a place to store their most often used toys. It may not be the ideal solution, but sometimes you have to compromise a little when it comes to your kids, and this method tends to work quite well for keeping your kids happy and your living room organized.