Sitting Room Makeover Ideas

Most sitting rooms involve just a couple of chairs and perhaps a small end table, but that lack of furniture doesn’t have to make your sitting room a boring one. Here are a few ways you can totally make over your sitting area and turn it into one of the highlights of your house.

Natural Lighting

One of the best ways to make the sitting room more welcoming and more of an area you want to spend a lot of time in is to turn it into something of a conservatory. If you open up the walls and replace them with large windows or glass walls, then you can let in lots of additional sunlight. You will also make the room feel much larger, and that’s perfect for those sitting rooms that feel a bit cramped.

Don’t forget to add some natural elements to really bring out the best in the room. A few hanging plants and some interior or exteriors planters bring some welcome colour to the room and ensure that you will want to visit your sitting room every so often to appreciate them.

The Long Room

If you have a long narrow space you would like to turn into a sitting room or you want to remake a sitting room into something more versatile then you might want to try this idea. Instead of opting for a coupe large lounging chairs like most sitting rooms have, you could replace them with a couple of long couches. The couches go on opposing sides of the room, and if you have space in the back wall, you can put a small sofa or chair there for additional seating. Space down the middle can be taken up with a long card table. And you can tie the entire affair together with a rectangular area rug. The shapes need to be consistent, and if you throw a square rug into your rectangular sitting room it just won’t look right.

Open Floor Plan

Your sitting room could become part of something larger. If you take down one of the walls and connect to your living room or dining room, it can be more easily accessed by people transitioning from one room to another. That makes it the perfect getaway for escaping with some coffee after meals or to relax with friends after a party.

To make it cosier, it can help to give the sitting area its own sedated lighting arrangement. You can use recessed or cone lights that only give off minimal light. This will personalize the room and make it feel closer and smaller, allowing the small sitting room portion to become its own room within a larger space.

And the sitting room can connect to any other room well. You just need to make sure that you tie the spaces together with some similar carpeting, patterns or colours. By matching the styles, if not the mood and lighting, you can create some unity in a large space while still retaining the comfort and appeal of the sitting room area.