Rustic Living Room Ideas

When you want your living room to evoke the quaint and warm feelings of the outdoors and the simple country life, you’ll have to give it a rustic makeover. Here are some great ideas to help transform your living room and bring out its natural beauty.

Soaring Ceilings

When you go outside, you don’t have a ceiling over your head. If you want to recreate that outdoors feeling, then a soaring ceiling is the way to go. If you are designing a living room from scratch, one of the best ways to make it feel like it is part of the outdoors is to give it high ceilings made from wood. Pairing this feature with some other rustic ones can give your living room a very natural and comfy feel.

Soft Textures and Colors

There aren’t a lot of garish or strong colors out in nature. You get some vibrant greens, but mostly soft greys and browns to fill out the color palette. If you want the same experience inside your living room, you’ll have to use nature’s colors. Soft hues with just a dash of color here and there will create a natural and rustic glow to your living room, making it feel cozy and welcoming to anyone who enters the room.

Create a Balance

It’s not always a good idea to go full rustic with your living room. You don’t have to give up modern textures and looks just to create that perfect country atmosphere. By crafting a balance between modern and rustic, you can create a look that’s pleasing and warm without having to give up certain pieces of furniture or decorations that you love. One way to do this is to use colorful decorations and centerpieces in a living room that has natural-looking tables and soft brown walls. Another way to go is to create a rustic atmosphere in the center of the living room, with the couches and coffee table, but then paint the walls and hang decorations on the sides that are modern and sleek. This offers a counterpoint to the rustic look and creates a nice, warm focal point for your room.

Seaside Rustic

Here’s another way to combine modern and rustic. You start with a theme, and we’ll use the beach for this example. You hang beach-related paintings and photos on the wall. The end tables and coffee table can be made of driftwood. Your cushions, couch and coverings can be sky blue and have seashell or fish patterns on them. Add a little green in there with a plant or two and you have a beach-worthy room. It looks rustic because of the natural elements and the theme, but that same theme doubles as a modern look that is perfect for incorporating lots of modern touches without clashing with anything else.


If you can make something yourself out of natural elements and add it to your living room, then go for it. A table or chair might be too complex, but a picture frame or small decoration could be a great addition to add some flair to a living room.  Your skill will determine how far you can go with this, but you can also consider buying handcrafted pieces from a local woodshop.