Moroccan Themed Lounge Ideas

Your lounge doesn’t have to be as rigidly and uniformly designed as the rest of your house. Its purpose is to evoke the proper mood for relaxation and entertainment. As such, the exotic designs of Moroccan style can really bring something unique and sensational to a lounge. Here are some of our favourite ideas that take Moroccan sensibilities and transfer them to the modern lounge.

Flowing Fabrics

Using colourful, flowing sheets of fabrics for interior design is a definite mood setter. These are usually attached to the ceiling and hang down slightly in the middle while the other end is attached at the centre of the room. This can be a great way to dim the lighting and create a truly exotic flair about the room.

They also make your room feel more personal and cosy. Depending on the colour you choose you can really change up the atmosphere. Lighter colours make for a cheerier and more open room. And darker tones give a more romantic and closed-in appearance to the room.

Moroccan Details

By adding in a Moroccan detailing to many aspects of the room you can transform it into a getaway right in your house. Etched fireplaces, hanging Moroccan lamps and many other items in the room can be modified or replaced to make way for a Moroccan-inspired flair. You can even add in paintings and portraits from Morocco to make the room more authentic.

And you can tie everything together with a beautiful Moroccan rug in the centre of the room. Just be careful about getting lots of different colours in the same room. It can be tempting to just grab any Moroccan-looking items to go in your lounge as you shop. But think about how the room will be tied together and how each item will look with every other item. It may be wise to leave a few of them on the shelves and choose options that complement one another.


Your entire room doesn’t have to look Moroccan. You can just add a little flair here and there. One of the best ways to do that is to use mosaics. These patterned features can go under cabinets, around the wall in a strip, or in strips along the floor.

By being subtle and not going overboard you aren’t totally transforming your lounge. Instead you are adding a little flavour to it and making it just a bit more exotic.

Bold Design Choices

If you really want to go all the way with your Moroccan them though, you can do that by giving your room Moroccan architecture. You can change the shape of the windows and the entryways to make them more ornate. And you can even make the ceiling into a recessed design that showcases authentic Moroccan design influences.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are a lot of Moroccan design choices for you to try out. Take a look at a few different ways people have used this unique cultural style to influence their own rooms to get an idea of what might work for your lounge.