Living Room Storage Ideas

Do you feel like you are running out of space in your living room for everything you want to store there? If you need a bit more space, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to use the room you already have and make the most of it.

Hide Your Drawers

One of our favorite ways to make more storage space without actually taking up more room is to insert drawers everywhere you can think of. Your chairs, sofas and tables can all have drawers placed into the bottom of them. It won’t impede that piece of furniture’s ability to function, and it can still look great. Plus, it gives you lots of extra storage. Your coffee table can hold coasters, and your reclining chair can hold napkins, books and the TV remote. Your living room can look immaculate because everything you use there will be hidden in these convenient drawers.

Movable Bins

You can also use tubs or bins to store things that are larger or that you have a lot of. If you like to read magazines, for example, you can store them in a handy bin under the table. If you find the right bin to match your table and carpet, then most people won’t even notice it is there. You’ll have all your reading material easily accessible at a moment’s notice. You’ll never have to go to another room to find the right magazine again or deal with cluttered tables and chairs.

Bins can be used for kids’ toys, books and even shoes. It may take some time to find the right kind of bin (small enough to slide out of the way and under something and the right color to match everything) but it’s definitely worth the effort to have a living room that’s a cinch to clean up.


If your walls are bare but your floors and chairs are a mess, then you may want to think about adding in some shelves. Your living room may benefit from the extra storage space, and they don’t have to take up valuable floor area or be so low as to cause a nuisance. Just place the shelves out of the way of the regular flow of traffic and start storing whatever you need there. They can also make handy places to store all those family heirlooms and antiques that you’ve had boxed away forever.

Inset Bookcases

Here is the ultimate way to create lots more storage space in your living room without adding anything extra to take up space. You can burrow into your living room walls a bit, if they are thick enough, and create bookcases and cabinets there. If you really want to go all out, you can move the walls back a bit or add a recessed space to fit the new bookcases. Any of these methods provides you with lots more storage space without cutting into the floor area of the living room.  These bookcases can be practically invisible too, if you just close them in with doors that match the walls. That way, only you will really know they are there.