Living Room Decorating Ideas on a Budget

For those homeowners who want to change up the way their living room looks yet not break the bank, these ideas might be of some help. We’ve brought together the best budget friendly ways to spruce up your living room and compiled them here for you. Pick your favorites or combine them all to make your living room fabulous.

Do Your Shopping at Home

You don’t have to go to a store to find something nice to go in your living room. You can look at other rooms in your house and find items that might look nice in the living room. Better yet, go to the attic or basement and find stored items you can bring out to add a new feature to your living room.

Decorate Conservatively

You don’t have to have a lot of items in your living room to make it beautiful. Sometimes restraint is the key to a really great look. If you only have a few items placed strategically about your room, it can make those much more interesting to look at and draw the eye to objects that really matter. You can use heirlooms that hold special value to you to make your living room an area of your house with talking points rather than a packed-to-the-walls collection of decorations.

Use Greenery

One of the cheapest additions to any room that will really add a new dimension to it is a plant. You can find a nice plant for cheap at most home improvement stores or ask a friend to borrow one when you are decorating for guests. Plants exude natural beauty and can provide a superb focal point for your living room without costing hardly anything.

Change It Up

Who says you have to bring anything into the living room to give it a new look? You can rearrange your furniture and decorations to modify the entire atmosphere of the room. Turn your couches toward the window instead of the TV for a while or move some decorations to a new corner of the room. Create a different space by shifting furniture to one side or the other and create new pathways that reinvigorate your living room. There are lots of different combinations you can try to really change things up.

A New Coat

One of the cheapest ways to give your living room a new look is to apply some paint. The walls, ceiling and furniture can not only sport a new appearance but also receive a nice touching up that will preserve them for a while longer. You can have a different living room color every few months and not pay hardly anything if you go with paint as your decorating tool of choice.

Add Some Books

Just placing a stack of books in the living room can add all sorts of visual appeal. They give people something to peruse during those quieter moments, and a simple stack looks appealing when placed in the right spot. This is also an easy decoration to change up, as you can switch out books when you feel like having something new to display in your living room.