How to Furnish a Small Living Room

If you have a small living room, then you have to be smart about how you use space. It can’t just be decorated like another room. You want enough room so that you and your guests will all be comfortable, but you still want to have some decorations in the room. Here then, are a few ideas on how to furnish a small living room to really make it shine.

Seating and Storage Paired

One of the best ideas we’ve seen for small living rooms is to find furniture that doubles as storage space. Couches with foldout drawers and tables that have drawers or cabinet space can be a great way to maximize the little room you have in your living room. These can often be expensive items, especially since they generally have to be custom made, but you can always save some money by substituting. Use a nightstand instead of a table to save space and get some extra storage room.

Eliminate the Coffee Table

Now don’t just outright get rid of table space. You still need something to rest food and feet on. But you can do that with two small African drum tables instead of a large space-swallowing coffee table. There are any different kinds of tables that will work beyond the traditional wide coffee table look, so examine your options to see what will work best for your living room.

Use Your Lack of Space

You can make it seem like there is more space in your living room than there really is. By painting the walls dark and using dark curtains, you create shadows at the edges that blur the borders of your room. Then use that small space to really make the room shine by adding in a splash of color as a focal point in the center. This draws the focus away from the walls and makes the most of the space you have simply through color and shading.

One of the keys to creating more space in any small room is to make it look like there is more space than there actually is. You can do that in your living room by moving the furniture way from the walls.  This is called “floating furniture”, and it can add some extra visual space to the room and create new pathways that make the room seem bigger and roomier than it actually is.

Makes Small Spaces Comfortable

You could also see your small room as a way to go for comfort rather than try to make it seem more spacious. Pack your small living room full of cushions, sofas and comfy chairs to make every square inch of it comfortable. This will turn your living room into more of a retreat and a haven than a limited space that people want to stay away from.

Conserve Space with Lighting

In most cases, you want to look for ways to cut down on furniture and decorations that take up valuable floor space when you are dealing with a limited living room. The lamps should be the first thing you consider changing. Any floor or table lamps can be changed out for something that hangs on the wall, giving you more space to work with and creating a nice ambiance for the room.