8 Terrific Cosy Living Room Ideas

Is it time to give your living room an overhaul? If it’s too austere, too bold and bright or just too bland, then you may want to make it cosier. Your living room should be a place that’s inviting to guests and comfortable for you. That often means warm colours, tightly arranged furniture and decorations that feel personal. At the same time, the living room shouldn’t be stifling and claustrophobic. Cosy living rooms should fit into a spectrum somewhere between confined and wide open spaces.

There’s more than just their size and the way space is created for you to think about, though. You also have to consider how your living room makes people feel tonally. You can have a room that is the right size and has the right amount of space for a cosy look but never feels inviting. It’s a tricky balance to achieve, and it takes lots of planning and skill to pull it off properly.

For those wanting to make their living room a bit cosier, we have some great ideas. We’ve compiled our favourite picks for warm and welcoming living rooms,

The Cottage Feel

This one screams welcoming and taste of home without actually feeling like its screaming at you. There’s lots going on with warm colours, welcoming designs and a general rustic appearance, but none of it feels forced or out of place, which makes it the perfect cosy living room.

via housetohome.co.uk

Blankets By The Fireplace

By draping blankets over everything, the entire room feels like it is inviting you to snuggle up anywhere you want to. The large fireplace doesn’t feel imposing or like it’s taking up too much focus, thanks to the subdued colours and textures surrounding it.

via theROOMedit

Down Home Christmas

This looks like Tim Burton’s perfect holiday getaway. Everything feels slightly off kilter, which surprisingly gives it a very natural vibe and makes you feel like you are outdoors, yet perfectly comfortable, thanks to soft lighting from the bare tree.

via French Gray

Natural Meets Manmade

The painted wood panelling on the walls helps keep the focus on the natural wooden textures and colours of the centre of the living room. The candles and silver platters offer a nice contrast to the electric lamp, making this a little bit artificial and little bit natural in the best way possible.

via Just Imagine

Holiday In Nature

This holiday-themed living room offers plenty of both natural and artificial light. By spreading some foliage around the room, a little bit more of nature is allowed in, creating a cosy feel in a room that might otherwise seem overly bland.

via Busy Bee Studio

Keep It Simple

This is a great example of minimalist design. It employs a touch of nature here and there with a small design or a strategically placed plant to make the room feel natural and welcoming.

via Dear Lillie

Beige Wonderland

Take a mostly monotone and light colour scheme and place some enclosed candles at the centre and you have one of the warmest-looking living rooms we have ever seen.

via minervacompany.uk

Welcome Sight

If you’re looking to curl up by the fireplace, this living room wants to accommodate you. With a pillow and blanket on the floor, it’s perfect for those times when sitting upright just doesn’t feel right.

via Kim {Tidbits&Twine}

Did you manage to find an idea here that is going to change the way your living room look going forward? We hope so. We compiled this list to help people like you get inspired to take unwelcoming room and turn it into a place where everyone wants to be. Tell us which one is your favourite in the comments is below.