8 Rustic Inspired Living Room Ideas

Making your living room into a rustic one can give it some much needed personality and pizzazz. You can imbue new life into a lifeless rom and make that area a showcase for your house. Here are some rustic living room ideas with tones that will hopefully inspire you to make some design changes in your living space.

Functional and Decorative

Here is a perfect example of a living room that fulfils all the functions of a proper living room but also manages to be decorative and expressive in as many ways as possible.

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The Natural Look

Somehow, a lot of outdoors items have been brought inside this living room and dressed up to look perfectly acceptable in there. It’s an amazing feat that makes us feel connected to nature while perfectly comfortable in the surroundings.

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Wood Motif

The wood touches here feel subtle because so many of the colours match the natural tone of the wood, and it brings the room with its many separate pieces together in such a way that it all looks like it belongs.

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Wood Shelving

Here is one of these living room ideas that takes the idea of rustic, wooden décor and carries it a step further. The woodpile feels perfectly at home in this modern and sophisticated living room space.

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Cosy Room

The fireplace and pillowed couches combination makes for a very welcoming and warm living room area. The blankets and stitched basket not only match the colour scheme but also the style of this unique living area.

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Bringing the Outdoors In

The outdoorsy look of the room is complemented by a styled chair and rug that have been carefully chosen for their colour and patterns. The combination of wood elements and Aztec-like prints is one we definitely approve of.

8 Rustic Inspired Living Room Ideas 8
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Focus Fireplace

The fireplace is naturally a focal point for any living room, but here it is even moreso thanks to a standout mantle and some smaller decorative touches. We can’t help but love the colour pairing of the vibrant, natural wood with the dark and sombre fireplace.

8 Rustic Inspired Living Room Ideas 9

Wood on Display

This living room uses wood as the main design choices, but the wooden furniture is used sparingly and arranged in such a way that it is not overwhelming or distracting from the other great elements that make up this room.

8 Rustic Inspired Living Room Ideas 10

We picked out what we thought were the best of the best. If you liked something on this list, then let us know down in the comment section. If you see something one of your friends might be interested, then please feel free to pass this list on. We think these ideas are worth sharing.

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