8 Modern Living Room Ideas

Is it about time your living room received a major makeover? Yours may feel out of touch with modern sensibilities and designs or it may just seem inadequate against what your neighbours have or even the rest of your house. You might have spent a lot of money remodelling your kitchen and left your living room looking far more drab in the process.

You can spice things up with some beautiful modern living room designs. We’ve put together the very best ideas we could find to provide you with some inspiration. These are all contemporary looks, which means clean lines, sophisticated overtones and a sense of roominess and minimalism where appropriate.

Your dream living room may not be among these examples, but perhaps you can find a few ideas that you would like to incorporate into your redesign, remodel or new living room. Hopefully, you’ll find something here that gets your creative juices flowing and causes you to imagine what your living room would look like with some smart changes. Without further ado, here are eight modern living room ideas you should consider:

A Light Living Room

The light colours make a fairly cluttered living room seem spacious and open. There are just enough different colours to add some contrast in there and create a more welcoming vibe to what is an otherwise spartan and cold look.

via nicety.livejournal.com

Focal Fireplace

Here, the fireplace is put at the centre of the room, creating a focal point that’s unconventional but not distracting from the rest of the room’s décor. That’s because the fireplace isn’t crafted with odd shapes, colours or material, and it seems to fit right in with the rest of the room’s components.

via Decoholic

Post-Modern Arrangement

This odd assortment of patterns, shapes and decorations takes the contemporary design a step further than everything else on this list. It creates an atmosphere of diversity and allows for some freedom in decoration and design, opening up a world of possibilities for things to be incorporated into the room.

via homesandstyles.blogspot.com

Subdued Tones

By incorporating greys, blacks and browns, the room seems austere and serious, but by adding in individually lit nooks on the bookcase, the space suddenly feels cosy and inviting. The geometrical arrangement creates lots of extra space and utilizes the centre of the room for most of the furniture.

via diningandlivingroom.com

Vertical Space

In a living room with tons of vertical space, you can either have an empty look or something much smarter. This one utilizes the vertical area well, with designs that accentuate the unconventional shape of the room and that create an amazing, cohesive living area.

via Pursuitist Luxury

Modular Wall Hangings

The great outdoors is brought inside with this sophisticated look. The busy natural paintings contrast beautifully with the austere white of the rest of the room, creating a focal point on the walls and allowing the seating arrangements to become almost invisible by comparison.

via medessan.com

Going Pink

The dashes and splashes of pink colour are offset and subdued by the surrounding black, creating a vibrant array of patterns that catches the eye. The overall aesthetic is incredibly busy and really stands out among many of these more serious living room ideas. If you are looking for something fun and wild that is still classy, this is the way to go.

via Swoon Worthy

The Country Look

The fireplace and wood bin provide a natural outdoor, country feel to the living room. This is carried through the rest of the design through muted greys and browns. It’s a quaint country home that still has a touch of modern stylings, just in case you don’t want to go too retro.

via House & Garden Magazine UK

Which one of these ideas feels like the one you want to go with? Maybe you just saw a few bits and pieces you want to use or perhaps you want to take one of these ideas wholesale and copy it in your own home. We hope this list has been an inspiration to you, and we’d like to hear from you which ones caught your interest. Tell us all about it in the comments section below.