8 Luxurious Black and White Living Room Ideas

Is it time to make your living room a bit classier? Maybe you are planning a house in progress or perhaps you just want to take your existing living room and do something new with it. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired and help you figure out where to go next with your living room design. These living room ideas in black and white may give you a starting point for a great new change.

Dark As Night

Mood lighting, dark tones, a little white mixed in to keep things light and various decorative touches combine to make this a classy and romantic living room design. It all just feels so cosy.

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Expressive Light

There is lots gong in here, but what really sticks out and serves as the focal point for the room is the artsy light fixture overhead. It helps to draw the focus away from the overly busy look of the rest of the room, and that’s a smart choice when you have a lot of things going on with the floor space.

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Dark And Light

These living room ideas with black and white are hip and stylish, and this selection showcases that better than any other. It’s comfortable enough to live in but also looks fit for someone with very expensive tastes, and we love the overall design.

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Bold And Simple

Sometimes, you can make a statement and have an effective design by going minimalist. Even the large art piece is a very simple one and fits with the overall black and white motif going on here.

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Black And Gold

This takes the black and white motif and introduces some splashes of gold into the mix. It’s a great combination that can make a simple room far more colourful, and it’s masterfully pulled off in this living room design.

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Spacious Loving Room

The overwhelming presence of the grey carpet is balanced out by a mostly white colour scheme with touches of black in there, creating a scaled colour look that is impressive and welcoming.

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Monochrome Look

This living room goes for mostly monochrome colour scheme, but a few standout pieces keep it from looking boring or monotonous. The solid colours and bit of greenery scattered about are great additions that give this room some personality.

via housetohome.co.uk

A Lively Living Room

The plant life really adds an extra layer to what would otherwise be a boring chequered floor. Now that floor stands in contrast, and we love the clashing looks and the way they work together to create something beautiful.

via Love Chic Living | Home and Interiors

Now you have seen out top picks for living room ideas in black and white, it’s time to share. Tell us which of these got your interest and be sure to share the list with all of your friends. They just might be inspired to make some living room changes of their own.