8 Fresh Grey Living Room Ideas

8 Fresh Grey Living Room Ideas

Grey is seen as a drab and lifeless colour, but you will see, looking through this list, that it can be anything but when arranged well within a living space. Here are some living room ideas with grey colour schemes that we think will be eye opening. We hope you can get some inspiration from one of them.

Lights in Darkness

This almost looks like a black and white photo where some light has been photoshopped in, but it’s actually a smart use of colour in an otherwise monotone living room space.

via Mio

Draped Couches

The grey motif isn’t as strong with this one, thanks to heavy yellow lighting. The addition of blankets over the couches makes the grey colour very welcoming.

via indulgy.com

Dash of Colour

This living room knows what you should be focusing on. The flowers are placed in such a way that they stand out at that particular spot more than they would anywhere else in the room.

via housetohome.co.uk

Focus Table

You can relay only pull off a look like this if you have a lot of extra space in your living room. It helps make a roomy area feel not quite so open and offers a nice, decorative touch to an otherwise mild colour arrangement.

via Nordic House

Contrasting features

Here, the living room ideas with grey motif is used to make everything else stand out. The grey walls serve as the backdrop to some lovely art and decorations, and it’s an understated but elegant design choice.

via houzz.co.uk

Use of Space

Once again, a very spacious room is made a little more welcoming by having a grey motif paired with it. The few splashes of colour about the room keep things from looking drab, but they are arranged in such a way as to avoid a central focal point.

via diningandlivingroom.com

Crowd Control

With this living room, the grey colour scheme is utilized to keep an almost cluttered room for looking messy and overstuffed. It helps to separate the disparate parts. The central lighting, on the other hand, ties the room together in a lovely way.

via websta.me

Grey and Blue

The grey isn’t overwhelming in this living room and it pairs well with the blue, which then pain turn pairs well with the yellow. It’s a colour progression that ensures the different parts are able to seem connected.


We chose out the top living room ideas with grey in them for your enjoyment, and we truly do hope you’ve found some pleasure in these. Perhaps one inspired you to start giving your living room a facelift or perhaps you know someone who might benefit from this list. Pass it on and tell us about your favourites in the comments.

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