Laundry Room Design Ideas

The laundry room is not particularly high on the list of priorities when you’re redecorating your home, but there’s plenty which can be done to freshen up the room. While it’s generally used as an area for working or as the default dumping ground for things that don’t fit anywhere else in your home, we have some cool laundry room ideas to help bring some sparkle.

The key is to combine style with functionality. You can continue to use your laundry room for storage and keep it as a busy room by focusing on optimising your storage and being smart with the space. Efficient use of shelving and cupboard space is the key to keeping a clean and functional environment in your laundry room.

Look to maximise the space you do have available – Can you stack the washer and dryer on top of each other? Could you buy a washer/dryer combo? Is there room for overhead storage or shelving? More space means you have more design options.

Remember you can use the space on the back of the door. You can add a small rack for hanging or drying clothes, which can be packed away when it’s not in use.

Keeping the room clean and tidy is essential for making the most of the space. Most laundry rooms are pretty tight on space as it is, so you can’t really afford to have surface space taken up without good reason. Keep the room tidy and you’ll have more space to do your laundry,

Try to keep the colour scheme light, particularly if you don’t have a window in the room. If there’s no window then it may be worth considering under-cabinet lighting to help brighten things up.

Below are some of the most interesting and well-designed laundry rooms we’ve found.