10 Stunning Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

When designing or remodelling a kitchen, the ceiling is often left off the plans entirely or just not thought about very much. However, these 10 kitchen ceiling ideas may give you something new to think about. Look through our list and see if there is something there that inspire you to make some changes to your own kitchen.

Wooden Wonder

via HGTV

The wooden panel creates a beautiful focal point for the kitchen. It helps to draw the focus onto the kitchen island and provide plentiful lighting for food preparation. It brings in just enough of a country look to this modern kitchen to make it more inviting.

Light Variety

via The Idea Room

Having a couple different kinds of lights on your kitchen ceiling can make it far more interesting. The hanging lights take a rather plain-looking ceiling and make it much more enticing, while the inset lights over the work area ensure there is little need to clean the lighting fixtures after cooking.

Natural Support

via borderoak.com

The wooden beams here likely aren’t providing support for the walls or ceiling, but they do offer a framework for the kitchen that is incredibly inviting and pleasant. We love wooden touches like this, and when used in a simple, faux wood kitchen motif like we have here, they look stunning.

Hanging Jars

via Nest of Bliss

Glass jars used as lighting fixtures is just an adorable idea, and when you couple that with the wooden beam and hanging light design, it makes for a truly spectacular combination. It really adds to the country feeling of this kitchen and it evokes a wonderful old-fashioned design.

Golden Glow


Matching the light fixtures to other fixtures in the kitchen is a smart idea, and especially so if you don’t have much else to match them to. Here, the lights match the faucet and provide a practical and attractive lighting solution for the work area.

The Lantern Look

via House of Hargrove

Lanterns don’t have to be reserved for the barn. This kitchen shows you how they can be incorporated into a modern country kitchen in a way that is instantly appealing and that adds some sophistication to an already charming room.

Dark Country Kitchen

via indeeddecor.com

This lighting is a lot more subdued than some of the others we have seen, and that fits in well with the dark and moody look of this kitchen that relies on natural light for much of its illumination. The black light fixtures may be hanging, but their colour scheme makes them fit in almost invisibly with the rest of the kitchen.

Lowered Ceiling

via tumblr

Usually, you want as much space as possible in your house, but in this case, lowering the ceiling slightly works with room that you wouldn’t be using anyway and uses it to make the kitchen area a lot cosier than it would be otherwise.

That London Look

via New York Magazine

While the ceiling may be ornate here, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get something like this for a decent price and make your kitchen look absolutely stunning. It reminds us of a fancy London townhouse, but after you have you put in, it may just feel like home to you.

Tiered Ceiling

via jdjoineryandbuilding.co.uk

The idea of having a different levelled ceiling is mostly about creating cosy spaces. The lower ceiling part so the kitchen is more welcoming and feel more personal, while the higher spaces seem like they have more room to move around and have a good time.
Those were our selections for awesome kitchen ceiling ideas. We only picked out 10 of them, but you can probably find a lot more great ones when you start looking. If you enjoyed our list, be sure to give us a shout out on social media or just comment in the section below.