Frugal Kitchen Organisation Ideas

There are two obvious reason to organise your kitchen frugally. First: additional storage items, cabinets, and drawers cost money, and it’s not usually a small investment. Second, you maybe do not have enough space to put these items, even if you had the money. While money can eventually buy you a bigger house with a roomier kitchen, let’s see what can be done over a short term in your present kitchen and budget.

Before you commence with the task, you need to identify all the potential extra spaces in your kitchen. Make a note of all the dimensions, even the height of the drawers and cupboards. This will allow you to plan your storage accordingly. Secondly, identify all the items you use most frequently. This will allow you to prioritise the placement of these items to allow for easier access. Those that you don’t use at all can be discarded, freeing up additional storage space which can be used. Being ruthless is important here, as with any tidying task. Now you can proceed to frugal organisation of the space you have left.

Buy and install hangers. Hangers are much cheaper than cabinets offering the same amount of space, and are easy to install. Some hangers don’t even need to be installed using wall anchors. You can hang them on cabinets or doors, where they find a tight grip. Just see the image below:

Frugal Kitchen Organisation Ideas 1
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This metal organiser is ideal if you have a particularly small kitchen. It can hang inside a cabinet, or underneath it above the portion of a worktop you don’t use frequently. There are many variations on this idea.

Frugal Kitchen Organisation Ideas 2
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Store all your spices in one place.  When you prepare a variety of different cuisines, your spices may often be found everywhere throughout the kitchen. Use small spice organisers with equally-sized jars made to make it easier to make their storage uniform. The one on this image has eighteen places. It’s small enough that you can even use more. Alternatively, you should use remaining jars from condiments to store even more spices. Just see this example below:

Frugal Kitchen Organisation Ideas 3
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To organise your pantry and cabinet, use plastic storage items such as plastic containers, basket containers and tupperware. By using all these as storage you can easily stack items vertically, potentially doubling your space. Just see the image below – the “before” and “after” images are taken with the same items in the pantry,  it’s just properly stacked and well organised.

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If you have many pans in your kitchen, they probably waste a lot of cabinet space. Pans often lie on the bottom of cabinets, while all that space above them remain unused. You can get a lot of space by just putting these vertically in a pan organiser.  Pan organisers take little space even when full, so you should place these into top cabinets of your kitchen.

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When it comes to dishes, worktop and tabletop shelves can be a quick and easy solution. You probably have a portion of the worktop you never use. Make this the place to store things you use frequently. Corner shelves work the best. See that inexpensive metal grill shelf below. Its very effective and roomy, yet it costs very little!

Frugal Kitchen Organisation Ideas 5
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There are many ways of organising your kitchen effectively without spending a fortune on new cupboards or complex storage solutions. Often it’s more effective to reduce the amount of items in your kitchen and rearrange the ones you have left more effectively. A couple of additional storage items can make a huge difference when used effectively, helping you organise your kitchen on a budget.