Combined Kitchen & Living Room Design Ideas

The kitchen and living room go together because of how easily what is made in the kitchen transitions into what is enjoyed in the living room. Kitchen and living room combos are not uncommon, but they are not always designed in the most appealing ways. Here are a few ways you can bring the two separate rooms together into one pleasing combination.

Tie them in with Colours


One of the biggest problems that room combinations face is that they are just too separate. If they are to be together and not separated by a ceiling high wall, then they need to be tied together with similar designs and colours. Now the colours don’t always have to be the same or very similar. Instead, they could be complimentary colours.

Just take a look at a colour wheel to get a good idea of which colours go well with one another, and you will likely get some ideas as to how your kitchen/living room combo could look.

And these colour tie-ins don’t have to be solid matches. You can have patterns on both walls that are similar or different and just tie them together with some small dashes of the same colour in both parts of the room.

Make the Kitchen a Part of the Living Room


It’s likely an unavoidable truth that your kitchen is just going to look different from your living room. The kitchen is likely tiled while the living room will probably be carpeted. If you want to make two disparate rooms go together well then you should make one seem like a natural extension of the other. One way to do this with this particular kind of combo is to make the kitchen a portal to the ling room.

Allow people in the living room to see into the kitchen, but don’t necessarily make it directly accessible. You can do this by making a large window between the connected rooms. This window can double as a counter top or bar for the kitchen, and it serves to connect the two rooms while still cordoning them off from each other. The low wall gives you a definite dividing line so the differences between the two parts of the room don’t seem quite as harsh. This allows you a lot more freedom in how you design and decorate the two parts of the room.

Combine Aspects of the Rooms


The last example looked at how you could make very different aspects of the combo work together by separating them clearly. Now we will look at how you can open them up and make the parts of the room more connected.

The best way to do that is to use some of the same elements in each part of the room. You can do this by using the same types of chairs and tables in both rooms. Your kitchen can have a small dining area in it that uses the same kinds of table and chair setup you have in the living room. This allows you to have smaller, personal meals in the kitchen or larger meals with guests in the living room.


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