9 Gorgeous Red and Black Kitchen Ideas

There is a certain appeal that kitchen painted in red and black have. We can’t exactly explain it, and we don’t know why we prefer them to other kitchens, but if you feel the same way, then you might enjoy our top picks for red and black kitchen ideas. These were what we came up with when we scoured the web for inspiration for our own kitchens, and we have picked the best of the best to show to you.

And White All Over

Nothing goes better with the red and black aesthetic than a smattering of white. This one has lots of white accents, but it isn’t dominated by the colour so much that it loses the appeal of the red and black design.

Liens upon Lines

via frugalflourish.blogspot.com

This kitchen, on the other hand, does go almost full white. There are a few red and black accents here, but it almost didn’t make it onto our list because of how white it is. We have to give the designer props, however, for the vertical lines that serve to offset the horizontal lines of the drawers.

Brickwork Kitchen

via CustomMade

The combination of brickwork and hanging pans have made us fall in love. It’s so down home in its sensibilities, but at the same time, there is an air of sophistication, thanks to a well thought out colour scheme.

Modern Design

via Decoist.com

This is one of the more cotemporary red and black kitchen ideas we have seen. It goes for a mostly black aesthetic, and a clean look, but all of that is softened by the red and white highlights. This looks like the kind of kitchen a TV chef would want to use.

Awash in Light

via Red Magazine

This kitchen is very bright, very inviting and very white. Once again, it makes it difficult to include on our black and red lists, but the small accents of those colours permit its inclusion. Frankly, we just love the shelf designs on this one so much that we had to use it.

Statement Stove

via UK Home Ideas

When you have one colour that dominates the kitchen, but then another colour that stands in stark contrast that adorns an important part of the kitchen, you make that contrast colour your focus. This kitchen is all about that red oven, and if you love to cook, then this design is for you.

Red Backdrop

via decophotoblog.blogspot.com.au

Red is a statement colour, and it serves as the backdrop for the counter space here, instantly bringing light and focus to that area and ensuring the white parts of the kitchen are tied together even better.

Red Diner

via KitchenDecorate.net

This kitchen instantly brought us back to sitting in pizza parlour or some other older establishment. It might have been the inclusion of the barstool, but out of all the red and black kitchen ideas we’ve seen, this one felt like it was meant for being host to fried, salty, mouth-watering diner entrees.

Table for Three

via HGTV

The addition of stools in this one makes it feel a little less formal that it would otherwise. The blue aesthetics goes surprisingly well with the red and black look, and we like the mish-mash of patterns and colour here in a way we can’t fully explain.

We hope you enjoyed our look at some of the best red and black kitchen ideas we could find. Are you ready to start redecorating your kitchen? Or maybe you just want to share these ideas with a friend who is in the redecorating mood. Be our guest and pass it on so it can inspire others.