8 Sunny Yellow Kitchen Ideas

Does your kitchen need a little sprucing up? It is a bit dark and drab? We can help, with a few sunny yellow kitchen ideas. A little yellow in the right places can make all the difference, helping a boring kitchen transform into something far more exotic, cheerful and uplifting. These are the best ideas we could find that do just that. Hopefully, you’ll see something here that can inspire you to create one of your own.

Yellow Flowers

The scattered yellow flowers would not work in this kitchen without the white panelling; it just brings everything together and makes the flowers shine that much brighter. The wood counters create a wonderful horizon for the kitchen and keep it from looking too monotone.

via Farrow & Ball

Retro Style

This one goes almost full-blown yellow, with its repeated patterns and soft colours brining to mind the style flourishes that the ‘50s and ’60 were known for. The blue and wood are the perfect complements to the yellow, giving the entire kitchen a down home look that we adore.

via countryliving.com

Yellow and Black

This one looks far more modern than the other selections we have shown so far. The muted colours and brown and black accents are a great way to draw some focus from the yellow. The almost mustard hue helps too, giving this kitchen a subdued colour scheme that doesn’t detract from its sharp, contemporary look.

via House Beautiful Magazine

Slanted Ceiling

The narrow kitchen with a slanted ceiling would look weird in bold colours, and we appreciate the restraint shown here. As much as we love bright and vibrant colours, particularly yellow, this one works only because of the hushed tones and simple design that accommodate the odd kitchen shape.

via myoldcountryhouse.com

Yellow Brick Wall

Are you feeling the Wizard of Oz vibe off of this one like we are? We definitely adore the gold-hued brick walls, but there’s almost as much to love about the simple white counters and the way they bring out the best of their surroundings.

via firedearth.com

The Yellow Divide

This is probably one of the more practical yellow kitchen ideas. You can simply repaint everything and enjoy the same look, and we love how it ties everything together with matching white on top and bottom but has a strong focal point with the yellow walls.

via extrArchitecture

Framed in Yellow

When you have so much yellow in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to tone it down, and the designers have done just that. The soft hues of the wood frames make this kitchen a real standout, helped along by the decorated shelf spaces.

via theinspiredroom.net

Mama’s Kitchen

This brings back some retro styling with its play between interesting shades of blue and yellow. It’s definitely achieving a country home look, and we love how bold it is without being flamboyant.

via bhg.com

Did you see some kitchen you might like to cook in within our list? Hopefully there’s something here for you. If you found one your particularly liked, then please let us know in the comments and share this list with your friends so they can get some great yellow kitchen ideas as well.