8 Gorgeous Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

The smell of Mom’s cooking and fresh hay being laid down outdoors is enough to take many people back to their childhood or at least to a simpler time. You can accomplish that without a fresh apple pie and a cow or two in the yard, though. You just have to have your kitchen redesigned in the farmhouse way. That means simple patterns, homely decorations and natural wood and stone textures wherever possible.

We’ve scoured the web for the best in country kitchens and brought them here for your perusal. We sure hope you can find one that’s too your liking and get inspired to start redesigning your own one-of-a-kind farmhouse kitchen based on these images. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go all the way with these. You can take a snippet of an idea from here or there and incorporate it into a kitchen you already have or that you are planning to create. These are meant to inspire you to beautify your own kitchen and not serve as a strict set of guidelines for a how a country kitchen should look.

Simple And Modern

Here the farmhouse touches are quite subtle. The exposed wood overhead is the most obvious one, and any kitchen user will appreciate the clutter-free design and attractive tiled floors.

via theenglishhome.co.uk

Barn Lights

The idea of taking what belongs in a barn and bringing it inside to decorate the kitchen isn’t a new one, but it’s so well executed here that you may be dying to try it out for yourself.

via Design Dazzle

Kitchen In White

The nearly monotone colour scheme makes the bits of bare wood really stand out. It also ensures that the scattered plants with their vibrant green hues really pop against a deceptively simple aesthetic.

via Diy and Crafts Magazine

English Style Kitchen

The wooden struts overhead give the entire kitchen a very welcoming and warm vibe, and the open design and clean look make the entire kitchen feel incredibly sanitary and safe.

via houzz.co.uk

Wooden Storage

Another example of taking what was outside and bringing it indoors, this kitchen exemplifies natural beauty and down home charm. Crate storage instead of shelves brings a welcome change of pace to the kitchens we are all used to, and the old-fashioned jars will transport you back to the past.

via BEHR Paint

Chequered Kitchen

The plain, white design of the kitchen is nicely complemented by the chequered patterns that have been strategically placed. A little wooden design here and there finish off the cosy look for a kitchen that doesn’t look too spartan despite its plain and basic look.

via Woohome

Country Table

Mismatched chairs and a wooden table help to make this kitchen feel a bit eclectic and disorganized. Creating just a mild feeling of spontaneity makes this farmhouse kitchen that much more inviting.

via sweetpickinsfurniture.com

Natural Shutters

Natural light being let in through wooden shutters just feels right. It’s all framed by beautiful moulding for a look that’s to die for. If there was just one window we were able to look out of for the rest of our lives, it would be this one.

via instagram.com

Are you inspired to start switching up your kitchen and turning it into a farmhouse showcase? We started this list after having a little inspiration yourself, once we saw one of the designs, and now it has grown into a full-fledged display of country goodness. Tell us which one of these caught your fancy in the comments section below and then be sure to share the list with your friends.