8 Funky Retro Kitchen Ideas

Let’s go back in time to the looks of yesteryear and bring you some retro kitchen ideas that you may want to try for yourself. In order to pull these off, some of these are going to mean full remodels for many readers while others will just need a touch-up here and a paintjob there. We’ve pulled this list together of our favourite retro ideas and collected them for your enjoyment (and hopefully inspiration).

Pastel Heaven

From the pastel hues to the juxtaposition of solid colours and chequered walls, this exudes retro in all the right ways. The colour pairings are especially delightful, bringing back hints of ‘50s diners and everyone dressed in their Sunday best.

via housetohome.co.uk

Is It a Laundromat?

Some of the doors in this kitchen definitely have an old-time laundromat vibe to them, and the bread container, solid blocks of colours and perfectly symmetrical shelving and drawers make our retro-loving hearts sing.

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The Clean Room

The light hues and sparing use of white make this look like the cleanest room in the house, which the kitchen definitely should. It’s all countered with a multi-hued floor, and we love the contrast and the simple yet effective design.

Elegant Kitchen

No expense has been spared here, and not everyone is going to have the resources to pull off a look like this. We would recommend getting a few antique-looking pieces of furniture together that can work in the kitchen and go from there to see how far you want to take this. It’s really all about the furniture with this one.

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Hanging Features

This very vertical part of the kitchen makes great use of its space and is one of the simpler retro kitchen ideas here to pull off. Just adding a shelf and a few hooks, along with a few interesting things to put on them, can really add some character to a kitchen.

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Chequered Walls

The patterned walls play a big part in making this kitchen look as retro as it does, but the various old-time containers and jars have an important role as well. We love how consistent all the many different objects in the kitchen are, all helping to sell the bygone look.

via happy loves rosie

Dainty Delights

Everything is just so exquisitely feminine in this kitchen. From the dainty teacups to the polka dot curtain, it is all just bursting at the seams (in a subtle way) with charm and ladylike qualities.

via housetohome.co.uk

Simply Wonderful

There’s nothing terribly complex going on in this kitchen. The cupboard handles are appropriately retro, the colours are soft, solid hues and the floor offers up a pleasing pattern, but it all ties together so nicely that we have fallen in love.

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How did you like our list? We brought together what we through were the best of the best in funky retro kitchen ideas for you to appreciate. Maybe one of these will inspire you to change up your own kitchen or help you decide what direction you want to go with a remodel or initial kitchen design. Tell us all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this list with your friends.