8 Beautiful Blue Kitchen Ideas

The colour blue doesn’t have to be sad. These lovely blue kitchen ideas we have put together in one handy list for you are all marvellous works of design art. Maybe one or two of them will strike your fancy and you’ll start making plans to remodel your own kitchen to fit them in. We know they already got our creative juices flowing, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

 Multi-Patterned Kitchen

There’s a whole lot going on in this kitchen, and it would not work at all if it weren’t for the solid blue colours being used on the cupboards. That blue ties together all those disparate parts that make up this eclectic kitchen.

via homebnc.com

Modern Blue Stylings

The blue is much more reserved here, with a soft, almost baby blue for the curtains and a darker, yet subdued blue for the lower cupboards. There are lots of modern touches here that make this kitchen look incredibly clean but not overly simple.

via Home Bunch

Blue and Wood

Once again, subtle blue lower cupboards strike our heartstrings again. How can you not love the wooden touches and the wonderful contrast between white and dark blue that this kitchen offers. We need this kitchen pronto!

via jacquelyn | lark & linen

Blue Subway Tiles

This is probably the most subdued of all these blue kitchen ideas, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. It’s a strikingly simple kitchen that is elegant and classy as well, and we can definitely respect that about it.

via Gallerie B

Wide Wood Kitchen

Anytime there are well done wood touches in a kitchen we think it makes the entire room look some comforting and welcoming. It adds a rustic flair that is slightly offset here by the simple and modern look of the wide kitchen range.

via Discount Kitchens and Bathrooms Ltd

Blue Bricks

Painting the bricks blue here was a stroke of genius, and whoever did it knew enough not to use anything other than a glazed finish to ensure that the bricks don’t look grungy or plastic-like. The various patterned blue features around the kitchen help to make the bricks feel more natural there.

via My Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen/Dining Room Combo

While you may indeed have a separate dining room, the kitchen is a great place to eat if you have the right space to do so. Between the barstool and the counterspace, we love the way this kitchen incorporates a dining area into the kitchen.

via mydomaine.com

Featured Stove

The centrepiece of this kitchen is a lovely stove, and it stands out even more thanks to the soft hues of everything around it. Making sure that stove isn’t too conspicuous is a cute little pattern above it, which, now that we think about it, might be lovely stretched all the way around the kitchen.

via Floors of Stone

Those were our picks for the top blue kitchen ideas. We’ve scoured Pinterest for the best ones, and we hope you’ve enjoyed perusing them as much as we have enjoyed putting this list together. If anything here tickled your fancy in just the right way, then please let us know about it in the comments. You can also pass the list on to friends on social media and elsewhere to let them enjoy it too.