6 Awesome Shoe Storage Ideas

If you’ve gone a little crazy with your shoe shopping over the last few months you may find that your closet is getting a little… disorganised. There’s nothing worse than running around before a big night out trying to find the one pair of shoes that perfectly matches your new outfit! Luckily there are a few genius ways of organising your shoe collection to keep your cupboard looking good and your shoes easy to find!


shoe storage bookcase
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You can get a little creative by using a bookcase to store your shoes in a way that looks great and makes them easy to find. While not ideal for those with dozens of pairs of heels, if you have the space and a smaller collection it’s a really cool way to store your footwear.


Shoe Rack

shoe rack
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The most common approach to sensible shoe storage, and very much a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. There are plenty of stylish options out there, so shop around to find the best fit for your home.

Shoe Cubby

shoe cubby
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Another traditional yet effective shoe storage solution, a shoe cubby makes your footwear easy to store and easy to find. You can be limited by space, so you may need to get creative if you have a smaller storage area.

Plastic Boxes

plastic boxes
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A fantastic and affordable way of storing a slightly larger show collection. Stackable plastic boxes are the perfect show storage solution for families, as you can give everyone their own box to help keep things tidy.


Under Your Bed

under bed storage
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There are a few interesting shoe storage boxes which are designed to slide underneath your bed. It’s a great way of keeping a bigger shoe collection out of sight and in a sensible order.

Shoe Wheel

shoe wheel
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A cool invention for storing your shoes is a shoe wheel, which can store up to 30 pairs of shoes. A very creative storage solution and one which will work well for families.

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