Alternative Uses for Wax Paper at Home

While the main purpose of wax paper is to stop food sticking to baking trays, there are a few other interesting ways it can be put to use. Much the same as with coffee filters, getting a little creative with your wax paper can open up a world of alternative uses.

Sweeping Up Dirt

Attaching a piece of wax paper to a dry mop (such as a Swiffer) is a great way of picking up dirt and dust in the higher traffic areas of your home.

Cleaning Tools

If you have garden tools which could use a clean, try rubbing them down with a balled up piece of wax paper. The roughness of the paper will help remove any buildup of dirt and grime, while the wax will coat the metal and prevent rust.

Polish Your Fixtures


Cleaning your faucets with wax paper will help coat them and minimize any water spots for a short time. This will need to be repeated every couple of weeks to keep them looking good.

Fix a Zip

If you find a zipper is sticking regularly, try running some wax paper over the teeth. The wax coating should lubricate the teeth and make it easier to open and close the zipper.

Drip Guard

If you’re using a caulk gun or a glue bottle during your home repairs try using wax paper as a drip guard. If you’re gluing an item which requires a clamp for a short period of time, try putting wax paper between the two while it dries.

Dust Guard

Putting dust paper on top of your kitchen cupboards is a great way to protect them against dirt and grease. Just switch out the paper for a new sheet every few months to keep it fresh.


Fix a Sticky Door

If your door is sticking when you open and close it, try running some wax paper round the edges of the door. The additional lubrication should help prevent it sticking in the short term.