10 Practical Uses for Coffee Filters

There’s a lot more to the humble coffee filter than first meets the eye. Sure, they’re part of our wake up routine every morning as we patiently wait for a caffeine fix, but there’s a lot more uses for coffee filters than you might think. Here we’ll look at a few cool and unusual ways you can use coffee filters around the home.

DIY Air Freshener

You can fill a coffee filter with potpourri  and tie it closed with string to make an excellent air freshener you can put anywhere around the house. You can also keep your fridge odor-free by popping some baking soda in a coffee filter and placing it in your fridge.

Clean Your Windows

Avoid getting lint or streaks on your windows by using a coffee filter instead of a cloth. Spray the glass with your normal glass cleaner, then wipe it clean with a doubled up coffee filter.

Protect Your Pots

When you’re not using your pots and pans, place a coffee filter on the cooking surface of the pot. It will help absorb any moisture when the pot isn’t in use, helping prevent rust and keeping them in good condition.

Fix Wobbly Furniture

Just about every home has a chair or a table with a wobbly leg. Fold up a coffee filter, trim it to the right size with some scissors and pop it in the loose space between the table leg and the table top.

Keep Houseplants Tidy

You can help reduce the mess made by plant pots by placing a coffee filter in the bottom of the pot. This will prevent any soil falling through the drainage holes, helping keep your home tidy.

Organise Your Hardware

You can use a coffee filter to keep things like nails and screws organised while you’re working. The edges will stop them rolling off the table, and you can keep all the same sized items together. It’s a real time saver, particularly if you have a lot of screws that look the same!

Stain Prep

If you’re looking to treat your hardwood floors, you’ll need to run the stain through a filter to help remove any dust or other debris which could affect the finish. Run the stain through a filter and keep it in a container like a watering can before your start to apply it.

Clean Your Solvents

Run solvents, such as paint thinner, through a coffee filter to help remove any residue which is floating in it. Remember to dispose of the residue safely once you’ve finished!

Polish Your Shoes

Just like with your windows, using a coffee filter to polish your shoes is a great way of getting a streak-free shine. You can even use a used filter if you’re polishing brown shoes, just make sure the filter is fully dry before you start.

Dry Upholstery Spills

Coffee filters are ideal for mopping up liquids when they’ve been spilled on your sofa or your car seats. They’re really absorbent, and they don’t leave behind lint like some paper towels will

So there you have it, 10 unusual yet practical uses for coffee filters. Do you know any more? Let us know below!