Home Gym Wall Colour Ideas

Colour actually plays in important part in how well you exercise and the kind of benefits you can enjoy from it. If your home gym’s wall is painted the wrong colour, you could actually be feeling tired more often. So here are some colour ideas for your home gym that will help you get the most from your workout.

Don’t Drain Your Energy

You may have heard about athletic pranks where one team paints the other team’s locker rooms pink. This tactic is about more than just insulting the other team. It is also about the gaining an advantage since the colour pink has been shown to drain energy.

That’s not to say that you cannot have anything pink in your home gym, but you definitely don’t want to paint the walls full-on pink. If you do use a lot of pink, you are going to find that you will be tired more often and sooner than you would otherwise. So if you have to have some pink in your home gym, just be sure to include it in moderation.

Lighter, not Darker

Did you know that darker colours create a more confined environment? If you have ever felt like a room seemed smaller than it should be, it was probably because it was painted in dark colours.  Places with low light and dark-coloured walls create an environment that is almost claustrophobic.

If you want to avoid that in your home gym, then you need to use lighter colours when you paint the walls. And lighter colours are preferable for the ceiling and floors as well. This creates a sense of openness and cheer in the room, improving your mood naturally and making the room feel more welcoming. If your gym is always dark and feeling small, then it likely isn’t a place that you will want to visit very often. And you may be hard-pressed to get anyone else to join you.

Relaxing Colours Are Ideal

Do you want to reduce your stress during workouts and make your body feel more at ease? One of the best ways to do that is to use calming colours like blue. Now this isn’t the same effect as pink where your energy feels drained. Your energy levels are not reduced by using blue; you just feel less tense and less tightly wound.

This allows you to exercise for longer and to put less strain on your body. You can enjoy your workout more and not have to feel so overtired when you are finished. You will be able to come back to your next workout without a sense of trepidation and be more willing to spend time in your home gym.

A painting the room blue also has some other beneficial side effects. It will suppress your appetite, so you won’t feel the need to eat quite as much when you are finished working out. Also, research has shown that people who lift weights tend to be able to lift more weights in rooms painted blue. If you want to get the most out of our workout, a mid-range or light shade of blue is the way to go.