8 Innovative Driveway Ideas

What does your driveway say about you?

Is it cracked and aged, falling apart at the edges, and barely supporting the vehicle that appears more loved than the concrete patch it depends on?

Or perhaps, your driveway is the silk stockings that proudly frame a welcoming frontage to your prized home?

Do you love that inimitable crunch under wheel when driving over gravel? Or perhaps you favor a path-lit portal to your appealing manor?

Whatever your preference, don’t make any decisions about your anterior vehicular entrance until you’ve checked out our fabulous driveway ideas to complement the home that you’re probably keen to gild. We’ve searched high and low (but mostly low, obviously), for some of the most pristine driveways that good taste has borne, and we think that you’re going to fall in love with them.

Resin-Bound Gravel

Gravel looks great and provides a satisfying crunch as your vehicle interacts with its fluid, yielding surface. But gravel requires persistent maintenance to sustain a perfectly level surface; and you may find the local cats might mistake your grand statement for a massive pile of cat litter. Not good. So, this resin-bound gravel is the solution without the on-going maintenance. No cat is ever going to mistake this for a restroom, and once your perfectly flat surface has set, there’s no raking, no replacing, and no aggravation. Additionally, binding the gravel in resin allows you to create tonal designs, such as this rather smart, grey gravel border. You get a slightly different aural experience in the driving seat, but for the ease of just laying-it-once-and-walking-away, this resin-bound gravel is a fantastic solution. Smart.

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Monochrome Cobblestone

Cobblestone paving historically precedes the tarmacadam and is a traditional road covering worth rediscovering. Tarmac looks lovely when first laid, but isn’t always as durable as cobbles. Your driveway is unlikely to see as much traffic as your average highway; so tarmac can make for an immaculate surface. However,  there’s something about the non-uniformity of cobblestone that is characterful and desirable. This sweeping, tree-lined entrance is grand and impressive, reinforced by the slate grey of the cobblestones, contributing a uniform of color and levelness to this impressive surface. Wheels over cobbles make a satisfying crackle beneath the wheels, although traditional cobblestone paving is far less uniform than this beautifully laid flooring. Accompanied by the iron gate and the autumnal trees in preparation for winter’s approach, this driveway is beautiful and an immediate statement. Superb.

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Permeable Pavers

You might want to cling to as much green as you can muster, so this permeable paving idea is an excellent channel for maintaining the balance between the functional and the aesthetic. This may well be the driveway that requires a fairly regular shearing, but the brick-lain slabs provide a solidity of surface capable of maintaining form under continued use, while the grass “grouting” perpetuates the expanse of green that surrounds it. This surfacing approach requires a substantial hard-core foundation to maintain levelness over time, and if the glass is allowed to grow a couple of inches in length, you’ll find that the slabs almost disappear altogether. There are a couple of different designs that make your driveway interesting and practical – such as crazy paving, and tiny tiling. Great for nature lovers.

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Rope Lighting

Regardless of your driveway surface, one of our favorite ideas is this rope lighting, perfectly snaking around the edge of your driveway; particularly perfect for meandering margins. This lovely gravel surface is lined with a brick border that gently inclines toward the perfectly-kempt lawn. This incline adds dimensional integrity to this driveway design, literally skirting the turf with a swift energy; like a racing track for hedgehogs. Rope lighting is, by nature, flexible and water-proof, so conforms to literally any annular challenge you might throw in its direction. The lighting, here, gently permeates through the beachy gravel, casting a spread of illumination that gradually dissipates to infinity, accentuating the textural spectrum of travel. Impressive.

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 More Lighting Ideas

Lights swept across rustic surfaces create great textural interest that elongates and expands the perception of space. These regularly intermittent floor downward-lights add a fascinating theatricality to this sweeping driveway. Curves are used most effectively in this approach, adding a welcoming homeliness before you’ve even entered through the iron gates. Straight lines approaching a residence add grandeur and dignity, while this sweep of cobbled paving presents promise, intrigue, and a little mystery of what lies behind this grand entrance. Another benefit of the sweeping driveway is the requirement for guests to approach slowly, so that they can take in the magnificence of your extensive grounds. Welcoming.

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Townhouse Curb Appeal

This slate paving is smart and in-keeping with the Edwardian entrance to this grand townhouse, complete with bay window accommodating welcoming outdoor plants. If you’re looking for a surface that’s extremely robust, then these slate tiles can’t really be beaten and will withstand many years of vehicular access and regress without showing any signs of aging. The path approach for foot visitors is nicely demarcated with mini slates, adding a refined welcome to all who approach. When you dispense entirely with green space for your driveway, it’s crucial to add potted shrubbery to prevent the neighborhood from morphing into an asphalt jungle. The demarcation of the footpath could equally be achieved with a long planter, producing blooms and horticultural interest; adding the additional texture of dimension to this flat driveway surface. Grand.

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The New Approach To House Numbers

This simple idea is particularly effective, achieved by stenciling a NeverWet resin into your existing driveway surface. Surprising and ingenious, these house numbers become especially prominent when the surface is coated with rain. So, if you live in temperate climes, this great idea could undoubtedly add drama to your approach.

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Minton Tiles

These immaculate Minton tiles, accompanied by a slate slab driveway, are quite magnificent and a point of real pride for any period townhouse. Partnered with a grand, iron gate, this well kept Victorian home is smartly dressed with topiary box-plants, and the gleaming white teeth of the grand entrance posts and the window surrounds. Beautiful.

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If you’re looking to dress your home with the perfect welcoming statement, your driveway is the key. Treat it with pride, and it will reward you with impressed faces of all who approach your home. We love how the combination of materials adds grandeur and hospitality to the frontage. What do you think? Share this article with your friends on your social networks and get the conversation started.