7 Fabulous Patio Roof Ideas

A garden is your unique slice of the great outdoors; for you and your friends to enjoy exclusively, with all the freedoms that bestows. A patio, therefore, creates a magical location in which to enjoy the sunshine; drink a few tipples under the stars while gazing into the eyes of someone special; and to luxuriate in outdoor living, exploding the confines of the four walls, so that you can be at one with nature.

Only the most hard-to-please acquaintances fail to be outwardly impressed by a fabulous deck or patio. And a roof to a patio is that little extra element of luxury, providing shelter from the sun, and protection from the rain when it threatens to ruin a family barbeque.

We’ve found a great selection of patio roof ideas that turn your open space into a semi-enclosed outdoor room – guaranteed to get jaws dropping in admiration and envy.

The Cantilever

The Cantilever
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Let’s just dive straight in at the high-end, here. This cantilevered patio roof apparently levitates, like the landing pad of a particularly dandy alien. The attaching wall is lost behind a mass of vegetation which reinforces the impression of anti-gravity, while the wall mural goes a little further to suggest that something otherworldly is at play here. The corner sofa in taupe and oak is tantalizingly alluring, with a magnetic attraction that drags one toward this comfortable place to lounge for the day. The inset lighting in this remarkable roof transforms this stupendous patio into an outdoor room, primed for evening entertaining; when the daylight diminishes and the stars come out to ornament the sky. Wow.


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A patio roof need not levy a figure head’s ransom, and this lovely metal and bamboo affair, with S-frame curvature, provides a little protection from the evening sun, and some privacy from surrounding buildings. This cozy verandah has everything you need for a bijou gathering: for a few beverages and a game of cards in the night-time or for sipping hot coffee underneath the beating sun of the morning. The metal furniture, perhaps, lacks prolonged comfort but is ample for enjoying the outside before work in the morning and for an hour or two before bed beckons. The metal of the furniture works in unison with the metal frame supporting the bamboo screening – for greater protection from the sun and heightened privacy, the canes could be more closely packed. For an inexpensive roof providing shelter from the sun’s rays, this simple idea is hard to beat. Charming.


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This decadent decking makes magnificent use of the calming camber of semi-opaque fabrics to add privacy and a sense of enclosure without blocking anything other than prying eyes away from the activities that this fabulous space is bound to play host to. The four-poster frame adds a little grandeur without depriving the area of sunlight or the tranquil breeze of summer evenings.  The multi-layered platforming contains a hot-tub for night-time wallowing, while the strip LEDs lift this space from merely lovely to something quite outstanding. This roof is so subtle it almost sinks into the background. Marvelous.

The Green Roof

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This floor-level gable roof provides a lovely summer-room that’s guaranteed to remain cool during long, hot summer days. The green roofing helps maintain a comfortable temperature for those enjoying the shade from the sun, while allowing this fantastic outdoor room to disappear into the landscape. Green roofs are particularly effective in densely packed townhouse city estates, where privacy is at a minimum and the eye-sore potential for makeshift garden structures is high. This patio roofing has been built for permanence and to be in unity with its natural surroundings. The vertical garden sections either side of the front entrance of this splendid summer space is a lovely touch, making maximum use of every inch, creating a green expanse as far as the eye can see. Stunning and totally inspired.

The Pavillion

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This lovely pavilion, complete with gable roof is a real triumph for anyone who desires a little luxurious outdoor living. The circular, brick fire pit is a terrific touch, guaranteeing that this space stays operative all year round, while the curtains hung on each corner of the structure adds privacy from surrounding buildings when required and some protection from the elements if the weather takes a turn for the worst. The firepit could easily double-up as a barbeque. The furniture is practical and comfortable, while the outdoor rug gives this patio area the homely feel of an indoor lounge. All that’s required here is a gang of friends and good times. Lovely.

Motific Metals


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Where a pergola is needed to provide a little extra protection, these motific metal sheets project truncating images across the entire patio and beyond, while bringing some shelter from the sun’s rays. Not only does this screening present the impression of enclosure in an open space, but each design brings something particularly special to the collective pattern palette. There are hundreds of traditional and modern designs to choose from – from the conventional fleur-de-lis style motif, through to the more abstract patterning of regal, Indian palatial adornment. Really stunning.


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This wooden slat screening offers sublime privacy while allowing distant transparency so that the view is not completely obscured. The stretch of wooden paneling gives this lovely patio an opulent patina which will age and silver over time to match the striking floorboards. The modern furniture and the outdoor rug make this luxurious space a natural progression from the home, connected to the outside with gaping bi-fold doors. Extravagant, opulent, and striking.


Inspired? We certainly are. These fantastic patio roof ideas bring such merit to outdoor spaces that they’re sure to be the clincher for any prospective home-buyer. We love the combination of materials – from the opulently luxurious, to the modestly simple. What do you think? Be sure to share your thoughts and this article on social media so that you can discuss your favorites with your friends.