7 Clever Paver Patio Ideas

If you have a single-story home or lots of yard space to work with, then a paver patio is a great idea to add some extra space to entertain guests. We have a few paver patio ideas here that may help you figure out what kind of patio you want to go with or that may inspire you to go off in a completely different direction. We’ve looked through some of the best ideas out there and brought them together for you in one handy list. Enjoy!

Spaced Blocks

via houzz.com

If paving your patio as an entire slab is too much trouble or you are worried about repairing it later, then having a few spaced out slabs can work better. We love that this idea uses loose gravel between the slabs to give it a more outdoorsy feel. It works well with wood and other natural textures and designs.

Flowers and Curves

via AWBS Building & Landscaping Supplies

Out of all the paver patio ideas we have seen, this one is the most feminine. It has curves in all the right places and flowers to boot. We love how the patio gives way to make room for a flower bed, and we also love how the types of flowers used really pop with the contrasting colours against the patio.

Fireside Bench

Imagine cosying up to this fireplace and paver patio on a cold winter’s night. It will be even a more attractive with a roaring fire in the middle of it, but as it is on the light of day, it’s still an attractively-designed patio that any homeowner would be proud of.

via beyondpavers.co

Rock Me Gently

You have to love how this patio incorporates a stonework aesthetics not just into the paved floor but also into the swing supports. Does anyone else feel an ancient castle vibe with this one or is it just us? At any rate, the entire setup is very cosy and yet elegant, striking a difficult balance perfectly well.

via Lively

Geometric Glory

via canddlandscape.com

Most paved patios use a set of slabs or cobblestones, but this is one of our favourite paver patio ideas because of the way the blocks are arranged geometrically. The steps create a webbed look because of their hard edges, whereas you would usually see them rounded out to form a more soothing shape. We like the way it goes against the grain but still has instant appeal.

Down to Business

via Paving Superstore

You almost don’t even notice the paver patio here. This looks like a high-end doorstep in a major city, but the paver patio gives it a slightly more welcoming look. That’s the appeal of the separate slabs, as they make any entrance seem less severe than it would otherwise be.

Spiral Splendour

via Dan Ashbach

This doubly designed spiral paver patio not only gives us stonework that’s placed in a mesmerizing spiral but also woodwork overhead in a similar shape. It creates a sense of movement where there is none and gives this patio the kind of aesthetic that feels made to accommodate some dancing.

Did you like our picks? Did you see anything there that caught your eye? We loved these paver patio ideas, and they made us feel like changing up our entire patio design to try to make them work in our own yards. If you feel inspired by any of these, then please share it with us in the comments below.