6 Creative Garage Design Ideas

The garage is more than just a home for your Hummer. And to delegate the space as a dumper for your debris is a crime to your creativity and a waste of possibly the coolest room in the house.

Yes, sure – the garage is a great place to store the garden furniture and the tables and chairs you use for family gatherings. But it could be so much more.

The garage is a room away from the rest of the house. It doesn’t need to be pristine and super-tidy like the living room, but it can be a great place to socialize, to build, to work-out, or just to relax.

We think that these garage design ideas are so gorgeous that you’ll be banishing your beloved BMW out onto the driveway so that you can kick back and slob-out in style.

Industrial Chic

via vintageindustrialstyle.com

This garage bears the blemishes of bygone days; complete with exposed brickwork, Georgian metal windows, industrial fittings, and the incongruous luxury of a curiously clean rug. Furnished with battered woods that echo characterful walls that have witnessed and preserved stories like frescos, this space is almost guaranteed to inspire that book that we all have inside of us. The wood of the table is reflected in the wood of the sideboard; all showing the timeless distresses of age. This simplistically minimalistic hovel is the poet’s dream and an aspirational studio space to die for.

Kick Out The Car

via Remodelaholic

This converted garage is unapologetically modern, with a cheeky nod to its former life as a home for the camper van: memorialized with a mural, lovingly painted onto the shutter door. A ceiling-mounted projector frames this space as a blissful chill-out zone: stylish Tuxedo sofa in quality, grey denim; a coffee table on industrial casters; and giant-knit pouffe – a celebration of luxurious texture and muted colors. The pristine stripped floorboards contrast beautifully with the exposed brickwork. And with a reverberation to this roomy snug’s past, the industrial shelving offers cheeky homage to what once was a space for grease and drill-bits. Complete with home-bar, this is a snug that you’d be proud to share with your friends.

Practically Practical

via Bob Vila

From the stylish and comfortable, to the clinically clean and routinely functional. This double garage makes every inch count, with ceiling racks and wall hangers that cleverly keep the floor space completely clear of clutter. This blank canvas is fixed by the matte of off-white wall paint, while the gleam of the polished concrete flooring suggests endless possibilities for a chasm of clean with a plethora of uses.

Motor Mezzanine

via pole barn home

This vast, double-level garage space has plenty of room for a small fleet of cars. The ceiling spot-lighting adds a modern airiness to this basic hall of interior white, while the metal railings sweeping up to the homely mezzanine snug makes this oil-pit the perfect place for peace and relaxation. The ceiling apex follows the box-gable roof, adding a little rustic New England charm to this otherwise uninteresting structure.

Upcycled Storage Ideas

These ingenious storage solutions make use of old junk that would otherwise hit landfill. The cleverly quartered Quik-Tube keeps floor space clear, while the super-simple box hangers provide plenty of storage, with no sign of the clutter within. The upcycled soda-bottles make superb storage for nuts and bolts. Plastic tubing, sliced at an angle, makes savvy shelter for garage essentials.

Reclaim The Space

via mymodernhouse.tumblr.com

This colossal, double-height garage space with mezzanine has textures of concrete, exposed metals, and mismatched reclaimed planks. The woods of the staircase, the balcony, and the open, exposed ceiling, all add aspirational charm to this workshop/studio. The retro leather Cogswell armchair, mashes-up the eras with polished concrete floors and bicycle artwork, adding eccentric eclecticism to this funky pad for meeting, resting and creating. The light pouring in through the panel windows makes this potentially dingy space light and airy; perfect for producing your next masterpiece, whatever your form.

Have these funky retreats from the order of the home given you food for thought? We love the eclectic collections of mismatched furniture and the bohemian charm of these once-ugly spaces. Leave a comment and tell us what you think. And don’t forget to share these great garage design ideas with your friends.