Double Garage Conversion Ideas

A double garage conversion offers a few options which aren’t typically available to those looking to convert a single garage. The additional space available means it’s often possible to turn a detached garage into a living space itself, which can be used when you have guests or for some private space for an older child. We’ve collected a few of our favourite double garage conversion ideas to help inspire your next big project.

Studio Apartment

garage studio apartment

If you have enough space available it’s entirely possible to create a small studio apartment inside a double garage. It takes some creativity, but you can fit in just about everything a person would need to live independently like a a small bathroom and kitchen.

Home Theater

garage home theatre

Adding a home theatre to a garage conversion is the perfect way to enjoy movies and video games with your family and friends. The extra space offered by a double garage means you can squeeze in a couple of sofas, a big projector screen and an awesome sound system to maximise your experience. There’s even room to include a fridge to store drinks and snacks.

Garage Playroom

garage playroom

If you have a young or a growing family it can be worthwhile to create a playroom in your garage for the kids. It allows for more space in bedrooms as the toys and games can be stored in the garage, and the extra space will allow them to run around and be creative.

Man Cave

garage man cave

A classic when it comes to basement and garage conversions, converting your double garage to a man cave is a great way of creating a space to have fun with family and friends. Adding things like a pool table, sofas and a bar are always popular and help create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

Garage Office

garage office conversion

More and more people are working from home, and it’s often difficult to get away from the noise and distractions in a family home. Converting your garage to an office gives you a place to get on with your work away from the family, and the space in a double garage means you can include a couple of desks and other office furniture easily.

There are countless inspiring double garage conversion ideas out there, with people using the space to help create their own unique dream rooms.

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