6 Detached Garage Conversion Ideas 

Converting a detached garage offers up a few options that you often don’t have with a typical garage conversion. From additional living space, the ultimate man cave or a home gym, there are few limits on what you can do. Hopefully these awesome detached garage conversion ideas will give you some inspiration for your project!

Home Gym

garage gym

While having a home gym is the dream for most people with an interest in fitness, it’s often difficult to accommodate all the equipment in your home. Converting your garage to a home gym means you can include real gym equipment without worrying about disturbing your neighbours with the noise.

Image via morebuild.co.uk

Home Cinema



garage cinema

A real staple of the stereotypical man cave, building your own home cinema in your converted garage is the perfect way to enjoy movies, TV shows and video games. Set up with a projector screen, surround sound system and comfortable recliner chairs and you have the perfect night in.

Image via eurofitdirect.co.uk

Guest Cottage


garage cottage

Some detached garages are big enough to convert into a mini-apartment, with space for a small bedroom, bathroom and combined living room and kitchen. This takes a little creativity from the architect, but it can often include a second floor if the garage is the right shape.

Image via accessorydwellings.org

Game Room

garage playroom


Most guys have thought about owning their own pool table or pacman arcade machine, but the amount of space they take up and the noise they make can make them a tricky purchase for the house. By building a games room in your converted garage you can play to your heart’s content.

Image via floridavillaservices.com

Home Office

garage office

Working from home works well for many people, but one of the main challenges is getting peace and quiet in a busy house. From kids running around to background noise interrupting important calls, having some quiet space away from the main house can make a big difference to the way you work.

Image via hgtv.com


garage playroom

Most people with kids have experience the gradual creep of toys slowly taking over the house. If you’re starting to run out of storage space in the house, converting your garage into a playroom is a great way of giving kids their own space to play and explore while keeping your valuable space inside your home.

Image via organisingthefourofus.com

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