9 Amazing Garage Conversion Ideas

If you are limited with the space that is available at your home, but you are unable to move for various reasons, then you could convert a garage to a room. The amount of space available will depend on whether you have a single garage or a double garage, with double offering more options, but there’s still plenty you can do regardless of the kind of garage you have.

There are a number of potential uses for this “new room” and here we’ll look at a few interesting garage conversion ideas and designs and try to outline how much a garage conversion costs.


One of the most popular uses for a converted garage is to turn this rather large space into an additional bedroom. This is ideal for a family that is growing and needs that extra space, either due to a new addition to the family or existing children growing and it no longer being appropriate for them to share a bedroom.

The conversion itself is very straightforward with the garage effect quickly being lost with the inclusion of heating, windows, and those brick walls being replaced with stud partitioning to make sure that it does indeed more resemble an actual bedroom.



A number of people are unsatisfied with their bathroom. It can often feel cramped, badly organized, and if you have a number of people living under the one roof it can be extremely annoying trying to get ready when somebody is constantly in there. One solution is to convert your garage into a far more spacious, and extra, bathroom and it does open up the possibility of you finally having the bathroom you have always wanted.

You can have your privacy, you can have a free standing bathtub, a larger shower, more storage space, the possibilities with this type of garage conversion really are endless.


Living Room

If you love to entertain and have guests around, but feel that your current living room is too cramped, then it does make a lot of sense to convert your garage into a new, rather spacious, living room. There are a lot of options when it comes to what you can do here as it really is like a blank canvas.

You are able to incorporate the perfect entertainment system with all of the wires hidden away. You can include a large window to allow as much light as possible into the room. You can go for larger sofas and bigger everything since you have so much more space in your new room.


Dining Room

A dining room can really become a focal point of the home, but only if there is enough space to accommodate everybody quite comfortably. Modern day homes are often guilty of only providing you with a small space for a few people, but what about larger families or circles of friends?

One solution is to convert your garage into a dining room whereby you can have a larger table, more chairs, and even an area to relax in between courses or for the end of the evening. All that is required with this garage conversion is a window, lighting, and a basic conversion to make the room as comfortable as possible.


Children’s Playroom

If your child is like most, they will have a number of toys and games that just cannot fit into their bedroom. One solution is to convert your garage into a children’s playroom and this is one conversion that is extremely popular. It means that you can build a room that is completely safe for them and of course it can store all of their toys in the one place freeing up space elsewhere.

Another major advantage of this type of garage conversion is that it is also easier to allow the room to evolve as the child grows with it being adapted as they get older.


Utility Room

Having utilities such as a washing machine, a dryer, or even just your laundry and pile of ironing lying around can make such a mess of your house. It does, therefore, make perfect sense to consider converting your garage into a utility room.

Think about how easier life will be if all of these items are contained within the one room and away from the main hub of the house. You also do not have to concern yourself with making the room that comfortable as long as you have plumbing and electricity flowing into the room.


Home Office

More people are now working from home even on a part time basis, but there is often an issue regarding space and where they can base themselves. If there is no spare bedroom, then one possibility is to look at converting your garage into a wonderful home office.

It is simply a case of turning the space into a workable room complete with window for light and ventilation, heating, electricity, and of course getting it to lose the garage look by changing the walls. You can then look forward to working from home in a peaceful setting away from the chaos in your house.


Home Gym

More people are now concerned with getting fit and having a gym at home is certainly becoming more popular. However, it is often difficult trying to work out where there is enough space available for the different equipment that you would like to own and, in many cases, the garage is the ideal solution.

It does not require a lot of internal furnishings as it is more about being a practical, workable space, but it still means that you need electricity and a few basic things to then allow you to set up your gym and get fit.


Home Cinema/Games Room

So you prefer to keep your car outside and you have this large space that is just being filled with junk, so why not put it to better use? Adding your own cinema room or games room is easier than you think and of course it will provide you with more options when it comes to either entertaining guests or just yourself.

This is your chance to make a comfortable quiet room to watch movies or to have your own bar, pool table, pinball machine, or anything else that grabs your attention. Now, is that not a better use for your garage than it just being empty?

Those are just some of the ideas that may be of interest to you when it comes to a garage conversion. How you actually complete the conversion and what the end result looks like is of course going to depend on your own plans. Think carefully about your needs and look at what other people have done for inspiration and look forward to having a new room in your home.

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