7 Cool Gaming Room Ideas

The gaming room is becoming staple of many people’s homes, and if you want yours to look incredible, then you may want to check to some of these cool gaming room ideas. There is a wide range of options here, and hopefully one of them will grab your attention and make you say, “I need that!”

X Marks the Spot

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While this one is very much Xbox-centric, you can go with a similar motif for whatever system you like to game with. You can even mix it up and put a few different logos around the room. The important thing is just making sure that it feels and looks like a gaming room.

Plenty of Space

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Gaming rooms don’t need to be cluttered to be inviting and atmospheric. Sometimes, having lots of space to work with is better, since it provides plenty of room for observers to come in and gather around while you game.

Space Saver

Here is a great way to take a limited amount of space and maximize it. For those who have a lot of gaming systems or just a lot of games, the shelving idea is simple and practical, and it can help to tie the room together quite nicely.

Moody Glow

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You can choose our own lighting, but this may give you some ideas about how to incorporate it. We love the idea of themed lights, and moody lighting that is something other than white or yellow is a nice touch for when you want a more intense gaming experience.

Going Old School

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If you have a particular game you like more than the rest, you may want to theme up your room like this one is. You can take this same idea and apply it to lots of different characters and video game series. What we really love about this one is how the shelving looks like a video game level.

Back Glow

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This is very simple but effective at creating mood for your gaming room. Using a backlight keeps your gaming space dark enough to be immersive but not so dark that you can’t see the keyboard.

All Out

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If you have a large budget, you may be able to make something like this work. The props can be custom built or bought from various locations and purposed for what you need. This room’s going for a haphazard and contrasting look, but you can set up yours in whatever style suits you.

Did you find your next gaming obsession while browsing this list? There are some really cool ideas for gaming rooms here, and we hope you found one to your liking. If you see a few ideas you like, be sure to tell us in the comment section below and share it with your friends so that they can get some ideas of their own.