Front Room Feature Wall Ideas

The feature wall in your front room can easily be a place for you to stretch your creative design muscles and do something really original and striking. But it can also be a disaster area that just looks out of place with the rest of your front room. What you want is a design that stands out, but fits in all at the same time. Here are some ways to do just that.

Incorporate Similar Colour Schemes

Your feature wall can definitely have something very different on it from the rest of the walls. In many cases, that is a patterned design that stands out because the rest of the wall is of a single colour. But if you are not careful, the two will look very different and incongruous.

Instead, try to incorporate some of the same colours into each. If you have a sky blue wall and you want your patterned feature to look pleasing and seem like it is a natural extension of the rest of your wall, then you will want to work some of that same sky blue into its colour scheme. You only need enough of the same colour to make them feel connected. Additionally, you can tie the feature together with the rest of the room by having the same pattern on the feature appear in other places around the room, perhaps in your lampshade or installed in sections around the walls of the room.

Texture Changes

Now it doesn’t have to be the colour of the feature wall that really sets it apart. It could have a different texture or construction to the rest of the room but still keep the same colour. One way to do this is to use raised blocks protruding from the wall on the feature wall. This contrasts it with the rest of the room, but it is all tied together because of identical colouring.

You can also use brickwork, wavy lines and many other patterns to give that feature wall a look all its own. But whatever you use, make sure it fits with how you are decorating the wall. If you are using wavy lines, for instance, square and rectangular portraits pay not be the best decoration. Instead, you may want to incorporate ovals to hang on the wall.

Treat It Like the Centre of Attention

The feature wall should be different from the rest of the room. And as such, it is likely going to be where most people will be directing their attention. Make use of that by placing your television or fireplace there. Whatever you want to make the centre of your front room should be placed on the feature wall.

As a focal point, you will want to ensure that you have the main decoration or object centred on the wall. If you place your television off-centre, it can mess with the perception of the feature wall and decentralize its importance.

And if you really want to accentuate your feature wall, you can use light up-displays. These can be on shelves that display your favourite vases, portraits or knick-knacks, and you can place them to the sides of the fireplace or television to further centre these important components of your feature wall.