Storage Ideas for Toys in a Family Room

As your family expands your family room may start to feel smaller. Your kids’ toys may be taking up more space, and while you don’t want to drive them out of the family room, you also don’t want their items to take up all your space. So here are some ways you can redesign your family room to make some more space for toys and to keep your room from becoming cluttered.


Concealed Storage

Just because there are lots of toys in the family room does not mean that you need to see them all the time. With some smart storage and use of space you can hide away items that are not in use. The basic ways to do this would be to use shelves on the walls. This takes the items off the floors and it can save you floor space over using bins or toy boxes.


You can also use drawers to hide away many toys. And these drawers don’t have to come with bulky cabinets or dressers to hold the toys. You can embed drawers into staircases, walls and even some pieces of furniture. Even tables can be fitted with drawers to create more storage areas.

Make Storage Accessible

Part of the problem of having many toys is that the children don’t always have a place to store them all. And if you make the storage areas inaccessible to the children, then you cannot really complain that they don’t pick up their toys. If the shelves are too high or the drawers are too heavy, then the kids won’t be able to pick up for themselves and put things where they should go. With large kids and teenagers, these types of storage methods might be okay, but for small kids, the storage areas need to be easily accessible.

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The drawers and the height of the shelving need to be age appropriate. That way you can just tell your kids to pick up after themselves and not have to worry about begin there in person to make sure they are able to do it.

Concealable Baskets

Maybe your kids have lots and lots of small toys but you really want to avoid the obvious toy boxes everywhere. Even if they put their toys on the shelves, they will still look cluttered. What you may want to do instead is use a collection of smaller toy baskets. These need to be small enough that your children can move them and lift them even when they are full of toys. Then you need to give your kids a place to store these baskets out of the way and out of sight.

If you choose the right size of baskets, then your kids can push them under tables or desks. That way the toys can be out of the way when the kids are not using them. The baskets also work with shelving. You can create shelves that can fit multiple baskets and just have your kids fill up the baskets and line them up on the shelves when they are done. It makes the toys and their storage areas more obvious, but it definitely gives your kids a way to clear up the clutter and keep your floors clean.

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