9 Beautiful Dressing Room Ideas

Your dressing room can be a great place to get ideas for what to wear, and it should look as stylish as you. Here are nine beautiful dressing room ideas that we simply admire. We hope you will find a few that give you the motivation to revamp your own dressing room.

Cosy and Rustic

via Stylist Magazine

This one is going for the country life look, and we could not love it any more than we already do. The use of personal effects, wooden closets and ornate seating options makes for a room that’s incredibly elegant yet very inviting.

Beauty Parlour

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This dressing room harkens back to the powder rooms of the 1950’s, and the light colour scheme is simply adorable. A few touches here and there really give the room flavour and make it more inviting and comfortable.

Studio Dressing Room

via SheerLuxe

This looks more like what a movie star would use to dress in on a film set, complete with the actor’s chair. Everything is compact and space saving, which makes it ideal for when you have a very small dressing room. You can pull out the seat, and plenty of storage space is provided for all the essentials.

Decked Out


Here is a dressing room that just goes all out and looks like you need a massive budget to pull it off. However, simply using some tasteful décor and some ornate prints, you can achieve this same look on a small budget.

Show Your Personality

via Decor Fácil

You can also pack your room full of personal items and bit and bobs that fit your own style. The room doesn’t look cluttered this way, since everywhere you look, you see something that appeals to you personally. The neat arrangement here ensures that everything has space and brings some order to potential chaos.

Parallel Shelving

via Tamela Presser

This is how you use space functionally and dramatically. There is a sense of cohesion and elegance to this room, and it is all due to the simple and refined way the shelving is set up as storage space.

Classic Simplicity

via Style Me Pretty

Anyone can pull this look off with just a few items, and it doesn’t really matter how much or how little space you have to work with. Larger rooms benefit from the extra changing space, while smaller rooms can accommodate the few items needed for this style.

Outdoors Look

via Around the houses

Bringing nature inside only works when you do it tastefully, and this is definitely a great look for wooden and leaved décor. The room still looks clean and modern, thanks to the simple scheme and background. There is always a risk of everything looking cluttered when you do country style, but this room pulls it off nicely.

Storage Space Galore

Even larger rooms can benefit from smart storage options, and there is no wasted space here. There is still ample room to move around, but every piece of furniture in the room can store numerous items.

Those were nine beautiful dressing room ideas, and if one of them caught your eye, then let us know all about it down below in the comments. Also, feel free to share this list with your friends on social media so they can get some great ideas for themselves.