Dual Purpose Dining Room Design Ideas

Many modern dining rooms double as an office, guest area or from some other purpose. There are some ways to make these different types of areas come together into one and not look so disparate. We’ll give you a few of our best ones to help get you started.

Tie the Rooms Together

One of the keys to making two different-looking sections of room look like they belong together is to tie them together in a natural way.  It definitely helps to use the same colour scheme across both areas. And using the same materials and types of decorations help as well. If you have family pictures all along the wall in the office side and statues resting on the floor in the dining area, then you are going to be separating the two halves of the room.

You can also tie them together with a large area rug. This makes the floor space between the two sections look the same, and it makes them not feel so dissimilar. A hanging chandelier or potted plants can tie the parts together as well. Basically, what you are trying to do is have some of the same types of things adorning or making up both sides of the room to make them feel like they belong together.

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Reduce Clutter and Conserve Space

One problem with making a single room do double duty is that there may not be enough space for what you want in the room to make it all work. Your office may start spilling over into your dining are in the same room, and this just makes everything look a mess and makes it harder to use the parts of the room for their intended purpose.

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What you may need to do is look for ways to conserve your space. Instead of placing everything on desks, try to use shelves or drawers instead. You can even use recessed spaces into the walls to store things. And parts of the room can fold into the walls to make them only appear when they are necessary. Maybe none of these are the perfect solution, but they can definitely give you additional space in your dining room and ensure that clutter is greatly reduced.

Repaint for a Better Look

You don’t always have to add things or change the kinds of things in your dual purpose dining room to get some more space and bring everything together. Sometimes, all it takes is something as simple as a paint job to make your room look perfect.

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We recommend using lighter colours to give your room a better sense of openness and space. Dark colours tend to make rooms feel more claustrophobic, even when they are used in large rooms. Also make sure you are using the same colours and patterns for the entire room. If you make one side look different from the other then you are just going to draw attention to the disparate sides of your room.

And by using lighter colours and breaking up the space with some patterns or designs, you can add a real sense of space to the room. It won’t be any larger, but it will definitely look like it is. It’s the perfect way to add some space to your dual purpose dining room without actually adding any space.

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