9 Perfect Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Sometimes, all it takes for a dining room to transform from dull to inviting is the right lighting. We have selected nine dining room lighting ideas that stood out to us and made us crave a slight redesign. Maybe some of them will spark the same interest in you.

Night and Day

via My Paradissi

The glass door provides ample sunlight during the day, which goes very well with the various plants around the dining room. At night, large, direct lighting close to the table create a very intimate mood that makes the table a place of solace and comfort in the darkness.

Artsy Lighting

via heals.co.uk

These hanging lights are all different shapes, and they create a comforting, artistic tone for the room that makes the dinner table that much more interesting at night. Once again, plenty of natural light from outside makes the table a pleasant place to spend a meal during the daytime.

Factory Lights

via John Lewis

This one evokes an entirely different mood from what we have seen so far. The factory lighting in an elegant box is both classy and classic. It may not be for everyone, but those whose tastes go a little off kilter will definitely appreciate its originality.

Ornate Splendour

via diningandlivingroom.com

There is plenty of natural light getting to this dinner table, and ample light provided by the chandelier and directed lights for well-lit dinners. The lighting effect here creates a very sophisticated, upper class look that is reminiscent of a fine dining restaurant.

Cylindrical Design

via diningandlivingroom.com

The lighting here is meant to match with the chairs. Their similar cylindrical shape creates a unity in the room, and the plenteous lighting provided by the four hanging lights and multiple small ceiling lights really lets the colour motif in this room shine.

Greenhouse Effect

via idealhomesltd.co.uk

This dining room feels like it is outdoors, especially with the nearby wooden wall and greenery. Choosing whether to use natural lighting or not and picking how much you will let in is as much a part of making your dining room great as picking out the artificial lighting.

Contemporary Setting

via moderndiningtables.net

Here is a more modern approach that brings in some rustic, country looks to work alongside very avant garde decorations. The unified and symmetrical design is very appealing, made all the more interesting by the unique lighting overhead.

Light as a Bubble

via vintageindustrialstyle.com

The bubble lighting here is a wonderful idea that we absolutely adore. It would look great on its own, but using the intricate patterns of the back wall as backdrop just makes it that much more spectacular. It creates a moody and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for quiet family dinners.

The Hanging Set

There is a very visceral and natural feel to this dining room. The wooden beam and hanging factory lights are perfect for people that like to bring antique furnishings into their home or who love taking the outdoors inside.

Those are some of the best dining room lighting ideas we found online. We sure hope that a few of them caught your attention and are inspiring you to redesign your dining room as soon as possible. If you found a few you liked, then please share them with your friends or sound off in the comments on this page.