5 Splendid Ground Level Decking Ideas

A ground level deck can be an affordable and convenient way to incorporate a deck in your house if you are running on a tight budget. It will allow you to enjoy the outdoors just as much as any other deck and will be a valuable addition to your home.

We’ve put together these five splendid ground level decking ideas to help you build your own unique ground level deck to enjoy with your loved ones.

Built-in Seating

This idea is a great way to incorporate furniture into the construction of your decking itself. This will remove any issues of protecting your furniture if it rains or snows since the deck is not covered.

Besides being very functional, it also adds a unique visual style to your decking to make your space feel welcoming and creative.

Distressed Wood

This idea uses planks of distressed wood for the flooring as well as the roof. The roof is built uniquely as the planks are installed parallel to each other to create an almost louvered effect.

The distressed look of the wood will also give your deck a lovely rustic and down-to-earth aesthetic.

Grass and Stones

Ground Level Decking Ideas 3
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If you are building a deck on the ground level in your yard, this is a great way to separate the deck from the grass while adding a beautiful aesthetic touch. We love how the edges of this deck are built like a wave, and the winding stream of pebbles is arranged along the border.

Square Platform

Ground Level Decking Ideas 4
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This square ground level deck made with polished wood will look incredibly sleek and modern. The stylish deck is further surrounded by a clean arrangement of pebbles, setting apart the deck from the yard.

This deck is perfect for a gathering in your yard where some of your friends might want to use the deck as a stage to make a toast or perform something for the party.

Elegant Wood

This simple design uses elegant and clean wooden panels to create an airy ground level deck. The deck is expansive and leaves enough room for two to three sets of furniture.

This is a great way to make use of your space, especially if the deck is going to be used by many people in a shared home.

If you design your ground level deck mindfully, you can create a beautiful space in your home to enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones and entertain friends and family.

These were our five ground level decking ideas to help you make the most of the space you have in the budget you can afford. Let us know which one of these ideas stood out to you and why. Then feel free to share this list with your friends so that they can get inspired too!