5 Marvelous Decking Plant Ideas

Plants can be an excellent way to spruce up your backyard deck. They not only provide some fresh air but also look wonderful in a deck setting. However, it can be tricky to make use of the limited space to design an appropriate plan.

To help you out, we have compiled this list of marvelous decking plant ideas so that you can make good use of your deck and yard to create a serene ambiance. Let’s start planting!

Raised Plant Beds

This deck has sleek wooden flooring that is surrounded by plants on both sides. On the side facing the house, a pit to grow and house the plants has been left behind. On the other side, two raised white plant beds hold the plants in them, creating a nice and sharp contrast with the brown and green colors around them.

Plant Pit

Decking Plant Ideas 2
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This unique idea has made us happy with how clever and unassuming it is. By creating a small pit on the floor of the deck itself, this is a great idea to smartly use the limited deck space. Filling this pit with plant soil and plants along with white pebbles can offer natural color and texture to the deck.

Winding Pathway

In this yard, ample space is allotted to trees and plants, creating a bright, cool, and green ambiance. By planting trees and plants throughout the area, you can freshen and liven up your yard, offering a private space for you to relax.

The serpentine pathway in between the garden binds the colors together and makes it a nice place to walk around in.

Planter Bench

Decking Plant Ideas 4
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This is another smart way to combine the functions of two separate objects. By constructing a raised plant bed, you can grow multiple plants in it that make your deck look crisp and fresh.

Covering a part of this bed with a wooden seat creates a bench that solves the issue of installing a separating seating structure. You can do this throughout the deck as well.

Lush and Green

This deck is surrounded by lush and green plants and trees. The soil is covered with pebbles to make the deck look more appealing. A T-shaped wooden pathway constructed between the plant beds can be a wonderful way to walk and move around.

The deck also has a stone pathway that offers a nice contrasting presence.

Those were some splendid decking plant ideas that we found and simply had to share with you. If you enjoyed going through these and liked the idea of surrounding your deck with plants, go ahead and try it out in your yard.

You can also leave behind a comment with your thoughts and experiences while also sharing this list with your loved ones to give them some inspiring ideas as well.