5 Delightful Decking Paint Ideas

A deck is one of the most delightful parts of any home. There is nothing like settling down on the deck for a nice outdoor lunch with your loved ones or relaxing under the sun with a book.

You may not be able to decorate your deck very elaborately since it is outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up with some paint. We’ve put together five decking paint ideas to help you make your deck your own!

Nautical Stripes

Nothing says relaxation like these nautical stripes reminiscent of holiday cruises and seaside resorts. Keep it simple and paint white and navy blue stripes on your decking to create a leisurely aesthetic.

Keep it cohesive and harmonious by using the same color palette of white and navy blue for the cushions and furniture.

Artsy Patterns

This idea uses a lovely blue and white geometric pattern on the decking to create beauty in simplicity. You can experiment with patterns and colors to create a unique and mesmerizing deck like this.

Keep the rest of the decor simple, with neutral railings and walls and furnishing that is not too busy.

Country White

The wooden panels on this deck floor have been stained with white to create an elevated rustic appeal. This decking looks like it’s straight out of a charming little country cottage or farmhouse!

We love how the paint doesn’t cover up all the lines and you can still see the individual panels. The rest of the space has been given a muted color palette to allow the white to stand out.

Elegant Geometry

This idea uses paint to create a checkerboard tiled effect on the decking. This geometrical pattern gives the whole space an understated but elegant style. We love how the light grey pattern on white creates an almost soothing effect.

The rest of the space has been kept plain and painted a similar white color. While looking elegant, this decking still has a lovely homely feel to it.

Sleek Grey

Decking Paint Ideas 5
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This muted grey-colored decking is simple, sleek, and modern. The grey painted makes the decking panels look clean and contemporary. This is perfectly brought out by the simple, dark furniture and the carefully shaped plant.

This is an excellent spin on a deck’s naturally homely and leisurely look and can make it look much more polished.

A simple paint job on the decking can completely transform your outdoor deck into a beautiful space suited for any style you are looking for. These were our five ideas for decking paint to help you make the most of your deck and customize it according to your taste.

Let us know which one of these ideas stood out to you and why. Then feel free to share this with your friends to inspire them too!