5 Brilliant Decking Fire Pit Ideas

If you have some space in your deck and you want to add some more warmth to the area, you might consider installing a fire pit. This will help you warm up when it gets cold in the evenings while still being able to get fresh air.

We found these pictures and decided to make this list to assist you in your designs. We hope you find something that you like. Let’s take a look at some decking ideas with fire pits.

Upraised Block

This black stone pit has been installed as an upraised block in a deck that has been made in a lower-level garden. This open space with the surrounding greenery is the perfect spot to settle in around the fire with your loved ones.

The wooden deck flooring with elevated seats offers a good structure for the fire pit to be placed in.

Sunken Pit

Decking Fire Pit Ideas 2
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This fire pit is an open semi-circular sphere placed in the middle of a sunken deck area. It sits atop stone flooring and is surrounded by a wooden seating arrangement. We love how snug and cozy this area looks.

Nicely separated from the rest of the deck by a sleek black staircase, this is a well-marked space sure to warm you up immediately.


This brilliant fire pit in the shape of a semi-circular sphere is encompassed by wooden seating arrangements that you can cozily rest in while warming yourself up with the fire.

This fire pit also doubles as a coffee table! All you need to do is cover it up when it’s not in use and have some coffee and refreshments in the fresh air.

White Pit

Here, a white structure has been built for the fire pit, offering a good contrast with the wooden deck floor and seating arrangements. Built into a recessed area of the yard, this deck has overflowing greenery all around it to freshen up the air.

We also love the idea of placing colorful pillows and small lamplights to create a soothing and happy atmosphere.

Octagonal Pit

Decking Fire Pit Ideas 5
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This octagonal fire pit is absolutely perfect if you want to sit back and enjoy the view in front of you. This is a great idea if you live along the beach.

The built-in seating on one side of the structure makes it convenient for you to get a clear view while also enjoying the warmth from the fire.

That brings us to the end of this list. We truly hope you enjoyed these unique decking ideas with fire pits. If something struck you particularly, you could apply that to your own deck and spruce up the area.

Do feel free to leave behind a comment while also sharing this list with your friends and family so they can warm themselves up around the fire as well.